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Toss the Snuggie – grab a Onesie – head to the tailgate

Its not everyday that a commercial comes along that I can watch over and over again and still find humorous but that is what the people at Forever Lazy have delivered in their 2 minute Forever Lazy adult onesie pitch.

That’s right, its time to get rid of that Snuggie, because a blanket with sleeves is yesterdays technology, and hop onto the craze that is sweeping the nation. For your convenience, I am putting the YouTube video right here for you to enjoy so you can decide for yourself before I go into a real breakdown of this classic commercial.

Now this commercial is a treasure trove of hilarity because almost every time you watch it you can find something different to laugh at. Here are some of my favorites listed in order for you to enjoy.

:04 – Some blankets are just too small. The announcer mentions that wrestling with blankets is SILLY. Thats SILLY. Why are you messing with those SILLY blankets when you could just where a onesie… You know, that thing you haven’t worn since you were 2.

:36 – Playing guitar is COOL in a onesie. Ok, I’m torn on this one because had they just shown a guy on a couch chilling while watching TV and practicing his chops, I may not have mentioned it (No, I probably would) however this guy is sitting atop a stool in front of and facing AWAY from a large screen TV mounted on the wall behind him. This is not just relaxing, you’re playing FOR someone. Probably your girlfriends friends to show how cool you are… you know, so cool you’re playing guitar for your girlfriends friends while wearing a Onesie.

:40 – Party it up with friends. That’s not even my joke, that’s what the announcer ACTUALLY said. I guess it is about right though since every time I throw a party I send out a text message to all my friends that reads: “Party @ my place 6 to ???. Wear ur 1sie cuz its gonna get CRZY UP N HERE!”

:49 – Playing the Wii as a family… Onesie big happy family. I don’t necessarily have anything wrong with this but I think it would be a great advertisement for Nintendo. “Wii – play games and exercise while wearing even the most ridiculous looking outfits.”

:53 – While dad does what he does best. As a dad I can say, sometimes we need our naps however the announcer points out that the rest of the family is watching the big game. The “BIG” game? That’s a dad thing to say, he’s not sleeping. He might sleep through the pre-game or post-game and if you try to change the channel he magically wakes up and says “I’m watching that” but he is not sleeping through the BIG game.

1:09 – Hit of the next tailgate. If we continue on the ‘game’ theme we see a bunch of people at a tailgate party all wearing onesies and having a GREAT time. First off, if all of your friends are ALSO wearing onesies you aren’t exactly the ‘hit’ but rather going with the flow of current trends. Secondly, you might be the hit of the tailgate or you might just get hit AT the tailgate by the die-hard, drunk, face painted fans who think you look stupid grilling hot dogs and drinking beer in a onesie.

1:15 – UH OH! GOTTA GO? Thankfully someone tested these and realized we needed accessible flaps for going potty. Of course, this again indicates you are wearing the Onesie at a sporting event as he searches for a place to go outside of some sort of arena. There’s an awkward moment at the urinals waiting to happen.

1:32 – We’ll DOUBLE the order. That girl is standing like superman in a onesie but WAIT. Whats this? Psych, there was another girl standing like superman hiding behind her… Probably didn’t want to be on video in the onesie.