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Things A Geek Wrote Before: John Williams is the Man

If you consider yourself a true geek, there are quite a few things you should either know, see, or do to keep your ‘Geek Status’. One of these is to hear and see the A Capella song ‘John Williams Is The Man’ by Moosebutter. The song takes the Star Wars plot for lyrics while setting them to the tune of a number of John Williams most well known theme songs.

Now there are many versions flying around YouTube, so I am going to narrow it down a little and give you the three ‘must see’ versions. The first version is not my favorite, but is the best in terms of production. It is Moosebutters song (including their voices) however it is ‘remade’ to look like a talented YouTuber named Corey Vidal is doing all 4 parts. I pick this over some of the Moosebutter versions not because of anything against them, but because this is a great ‘introductory’ version showing you the lyrics along with which John Williams theme they are using at the time (In case you aren’t quite up to speed on all the amazing work John Williams has done). If you have never heard the song (and its a little hard to miss as this version has over 16 million hits) this is the one to start with so that you know and can appreciate everything that is going on in the next two versions I show.


The next version I include is by one of the best college aCapella groups ‘Novis’. If you haven’t discovered any of the Novis Nerdfest songs on YouTube yet you are missing some great nerd/geek moments INCLUDING their take on the classic Portal Song. The quality is not the best on this or the next version I so which is why I feel you should first see and know the Corey Vidal version before watching this. Then take the time to watch some other Novis works as they are quite good.


Finally, we come to my favorite version that I have been able to find. This version is performed by the Kokopelli and Oran choirs and features Darth Vader conducting, (complete with Light-saber Conductors Baton) a stellar performance from their ‘Luke’ (Listen for Luke to scream NOOOOO and my favorite “Seriously you cut off my hand”), and if all that wasn’t enough the Conductor turns to the audience and starts ‘singing’ during the part that is “Vaders Solo” near the end. Between the over-the-top production, the acting of the conductor, and the showmanship of everyone involved, I believe you will find this a great treasure of YouTube. Please make sure and ‘Like’ the video to show your love to them if you enjoy it.


If you have found a version you feel surpasses this, please feel free to post a link to it so we can all see. Lastly, since these are no where NEAR all the versions I have seen, here are some links to other versions of notable decency.

Moosebutter performance

U of Tennessee Mens Choir

21st Century Chorus – The poster of this video indicates that this is ‘after a 2 hour long concert’. From watching we can summise that this is done in the lobby after the concert. After the choir sings the song they appear to offer the director a ‘Light-saber Baton’. This is a really interesting piece and if anyone has more information on it I would love to hear about it.


Darth Vader: A Story of Redemption

Darth Vader was born Anakin Skywalker on the desert planet of Tattooine.

Ani, as he was called by his dear mother, was always doing good deeds as a child, and often dreamed of becoming part of the Christian crusaders of the Force known as Jedi.

Anakin studied the ways of the Christian extremists and knew all about their ways when one day, by divine intervention, he met one of their high priests known as Qui-Gon Jinn. Qui-Gon saw the potential inside young Ani and requested his parishioners to train the boy in their violent yet monk-like ways.

For awhile it looked as though Anakin might be the savior once prophesied to return, but the devil was working hard too, and soon used a middle aged Senator to drive Anakin away from the Christian focused Jedi, and over to the pagan Sith Lords.

Anakin proved to be weak in his faith of the force of the Christian Jedi and was lured into a world of anger, hate, and dollar beer drafts on the yet to be completed Death Star and became one of the most well known pagan leaders of all time, Darth Vader.

For years, Darth Vader served his lord and leader faithfully, until a chance encounter with his son he had thought long since dead. His lord and emperor tried to convince Vader to kill his only male child but Vader faltered and remembered his own childhood and his relationship with his mother whom had been tragically murdered years ago.

Vader asked for forgiveness and repented in his sinful ways and killed his emperor. Shortly before his death he was granted repentance, converted back to the Christian Jedi, and apologized to his son.

If Vader can be forgiven, we can all be forgiven.



Star Wars to be written by Buzz Lightyear

If you haven’t heard, Disney bought LucasFilm and immediately wanted to cash in on their investment so they started plans for a Star Wars 7. More news on this is now surfacing and a writer has been named.

Michael Arndt, little known for the indie film ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ and widely recognized as the writer of Toy Story 3, has been named as the writer of the powerhouse that is Star Wars. If you can’t wait to see his work on that he is also named as co-writer of the second movie in the Hunger Games series.

It will be the most tearful Star Wars since at the end of the movie the young padawan leaves to go to Jedi College and gives all his droids to the young girl down the desert lane.

Michael apparently sealed the deal by sending a 40-50 page treatment of the continuing saga. Considering the news came about a week ago that there WOULD be another movie and he already pumped out 50 pages this has to be some quality writing or he bought some drugs from Jaba.

It is also reported that Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford are to be returning for the new movie. Yoda will no longer be the oldest Jedi to have lived in the universe.

J.J. Abrams as taken his name out of the running as director of the film while Jon Favreau has put his name in. At the news of this a mad group of Geeks stormed Disney World, took Mickey hostage and said, “Don’t do it… we’ll cut the mouse.”