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AT&T Offends the Nation

When just a day ago I was praising AT&T’s customer service I am now caught up in the hoopla over the companies latest guffaw during the 9/11 Anniversary.

This picture caused an uproar, despite not having any actual ad or company branding attached to it.

This picture caused an uproar, despite not having any actual ad or company branding attached to it.

In spite of being taken apologetically down by the cellular giant very quickly, this picture has been making its way around the internet at blazing fast LTE speeds. And frankly, I agree and I am APPALLED and SURPRISED by this picture. AT&T, if you are going to use a phone in a memorial picture PLEASE use a phone that people actually buy. But a Blackberry? For shame, AT&T.



An Experience with AT&T

Why is good customer service such a rare part of customer service?

Having spent over 15 years in various customer service industries, nothing bugs me more than bad, inept, or apathetic customer service. Recently, that’s what I had been getting from AT&T, a company that I actually like quite a bit overall.

But 3 months ago, when I left my old job I cancelled the discount I got with them. A week or so later I went online to get the discount I receive with my new company, but it didn’t go through. It said I still had my old discount. I waited, no discount was on my bill.

So I called, and I went to stores, and I went online, and nothing got done. For 3 months I was told it should work, maybe I was doing it wrong or what have you. So, after all that time when I finally got someone who saw something was wrong and it hadn’t been removed correctly, I expressed how I was irritated that I had missed getting my discount for 3 months considering it wasn’t my fault. This was met with a ‘Yeah, that does kinda suck’ response. No discounts were offered, or given when probed.

Well, at least my discount would be on the next bill and I could put all that behind me. A week later and I find that there is a charge on the bill that I hadn’t requested. So I got online and started a chat to get it taken care of.

I got a rep named Megan Salisbury who made sure she understood my problem and quickly started working to remove the erroneous charges. It was quick and painless and she was nice enough. She then asked if there was anything else and when I mentioned I wasn’t happy with AT&T right then she asked why. I told her the story and she started working hard to fix it.

For about 20 minutes she worked to get the correct discount applied to my current bill, and it ended up being above and beyond what I would have accepted in the first place. Honestly I was floored at that, but then I asked her to get my scheduled payment canceled so I could redo it for the new amount. That’s when she really impressed me.

You see, she wasn’t able to cancel it but she started calling over to the department that could. She started having trouble getting through. She would wait on hold for 6 minutes then get dropped and tell me she was trying again. “It’s an 8 minute wait this time”, “now they’re transferring me”, “The call dropped again”, she kept me up to date as she continued having the same troubles I was used to having.

Miss Megan stayed online with me for THREE HOURS trying to get someone to do something simple but she stayed up beat and chatted with me through the whole process. She didn’t let me off of that chat session until she knew it was all taken care of.

Life, business, and the world in general would be much easier to deal with if more people took the time to care about one another’s problem as much as Megan said. To be able to make a 3 hour experience a good memory and not some bad anecdote is a real talent, a gift even.


I have asked Miss Megan to let me interview her and ask her about her customer service skills.

I was also blessed to find out that she is an MC, an aspiring rapper and I hope to feature her music here. It’s the least I could do to show my appreciation.




A look at Sister Wives. You still have time to answer questions that will be featured in the blog post.

The Angry Podcaster returns. I hear he’s angry again. Keep an eye out for that video.

Kindle Book for the Unchurched

So I am still in a motel at this point so I’m still unable to blog regularly. It has however been put on me that previously calling More Than a Neighbor a ‘Christian Novel’ was a bit of a misnomer.

Yes, its a Christian Novel. But it’s turned out to be so much more than that. So many Christian novels are geared towards the practicing Christian.more than a neighbor The people going to church at least 2 or 3 times a month and looking for more inspiration. But Neighbor speaks not just to those who go to Church regularly but also speaks greatly to those who may not have been in Church in years.

It’s an amazing thought and I know God is putting the book into hands of people that not only want to read it, but that NEED to read it. Is that you? I can’t say but if you do read it I hope it speaks to you in just the way you need and in the way it’s spoken to others so far.

If it does speak to you or you have comments about it I would love to hear it. You can email me at goodgeekranting@gmail.com or leave comments here or use the contact form below. And spread the word to others who may need an uplifting story.