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The Truth About Superman

I have been doing some research and have some disturbing information for you.

What I researched was the super man himself, Superman. Superman would have us believe that he is from a planet ‘Krypton’, and was sent here by his father when he was just a baby. He landed in a town called Smallville and was raised by a simple farm couple. He then went on to help save people in the large city of Metropolis.

Well I’m sorry but I have discovered some flaws in his story. First off, there is no major metropolis named Metropolis. No really, I looked it up, it doesn’t exist. And his lies don’t stop there. There is no Smallville that I can find, honestly it sounds made up. A small town called SMALLVILLE? Suspicious.

Then he would have us believe he can change his entire appearance to where you wouldn’t recognize him just by wearing some nerdy glasses. We are to believe he wears a unitard, with his underwear on the outside and a cape on, inside his ‘everyday’ suit. Sorry but even for a ‘super man’ this would be hot and uncomfortable.

He apparently also lives in an ice cave that NO ONE can find called the fortress of solitude. He says he can fly, run faster than a train, and stop a speeding bullet. He let us know that he once went back in time to save the world, but who could disprove him? It’s not like we would know he went back in time after he went back in time.

No, it is a dark day when I have to report, in light of all these facts, that Superman is NOT real. This superhero is no more real than Batman who supposedly lives in Gotham. They are fakes, unlike Spiderman who is most OBVIOUSLY real. I checked this out too, Spiderman lives in New York and was bitten by a spider to get his powers. I found out New York exists, TWICE, as a state and a city, as do Spiders and spiders DO bite people.

To sum up, Superman-Fake; Batman-Fake; Spiderman-Real.

10,000 maniacs

I just hit 10,000 views. No really, you could be 10,001. Definitely over 10,000 cause that’s how many views I have right now. Which, from what I can tell, in wordpress terms means 5 different people have looked at my blog 2000 times each. 


You 5 people need to get a better hobby.