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Forbidden Island Full Game Playthrough


That Time I Went On Safari

I once went on a crazy safari.

The climate in this odd world changed quickly and often. Entering this strange land I felt chilled and a strong breeze yet further in I found various spots of hot and cold.

The natives were rude and lashed out at any questions as to why they did what they did. They didn’t seem to enjoy outsiders being around yet their entire civilization depended upon such travelers. This made the other travelers I encountered hostile as well. Simple things like finding and attempting to procure water would quickly escalate into shouting matches if they saw there wasn’t enough to go around. Other valuable resources could turn to fist fights and I was constantly on the lookout for such crazed madmen to avoid at all costs.

The traveler’s clothes seemed to vary as much as the look of the travelers themselves. While most were modestly dressed in clothes similar to my own others were barely covered at all, in spite of the fact that we were in a land that specialized in selling cheap clothes. One woman’s large top half was barely held back by her small top piece, itself seemingly struggling to avoid further confrontation with the residents inside. I thought it would soon lose the battle but I had no time to investigate.

You see, I had gone into this land at my own risk leaving my better half safe at home which now seemed worlds away so I was eager to finish my deeds and get out. But alas, customs was worse and slower than the DMV and I was caught in line for hours. When I got to my customs agent they didn’t speak, simply went through all my things one at a time, scrutinizing everything. They told me how much I owed for taking such items back to my own home, penalties for removing sacred objects from their land I’m sure. I quickly paid and left through the frozen windy tundra path I had taken in. I was safe, for now. Next time, she can go to Wal-Mart.