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Ticket to Tied – A Review of Ticket To Ride


I lost this game, but that’s OK! At least that’s what my fiancee told me as she tried to get me to stop hiding in the corner while crying that life as I knew it had ended.

This is Ticket to Ride, an amazingly awesome and addictive board game from Days of Wonder and designer Alan Moon.

There is no shortage of positive reviews of this game and as a 2004¬†Spiel des Jahres Winner it has certainly quickly found its way into the hearts of millions and earned status as an ‘instant classic.’ But I know what you’re thinking, why is milk white, cream white, and basic cheese white, while butter is yellow? And the answer is, because Ticket to Ride is a great game. Or that would be the answer, had your mind not been wandering and had asked a relevant question.

Having found a fiancee that loves board and card games as much as myself it was great to start finding new games to play together. Since we both have a variety of tastes in games and don’t get mad if we are losing horribly, we really have no problem picking up just about anything and giving it a go.

But, unsurprisingly, a lot of people will give up on a game or, worse yet, playing altogether if they are always losing or always winning because they get bored. They want a challenge and who can blame them. And, if you play many games, you know a truly well balanced game can actually be tough to find.


If you tell me you don’t like playing with plastic trains, I don’t know who you are anymore.

 This is where Ticket to Ride truly shines and one reason it has become a big hit in our home (other than we just love playing with the plastic trains.) See, finding good two player games makes getting an even match even harder. When you get to 3 and 4 players there is enough chaos with everyone thinking differently that pretty much anyone can win but with two players you will quickly learn each others habits and adjust accordingly.

But Ticket to Ride with its easy rule set and engaging game play along with a good fairly perfect mix of strategy and luck really brings all levels together very quickly. New players can even find themselves winning quickly, not because of so called ‘dumb luck’ but because it is that quick and easy to pick up and start getting into.

The perfect example of all of this is my Fiancee and my record. We have played Ticket to Ride 6 different nights in the few weeks we’ve had it. Every night we’ve played it twice except one day we hit 4 games. The results? We are so far tied. We always split the games each day.

I’ve really never seen such an evenly matched game right out of the box (both figuratively and literally) but this one surprises in all the best ways. If you have heard of this game and have been wondering what all the lo-commotion is about and, especially, if you are typically limited to 2 player games, this is highly recommended.