Poetry corner: More Darkness

Bitter Sitter on Twitter,
Twittering about sittering
While the child remains illitering.
He’s gotten and forgotten
With the shirt made of cotton,
A piece of fruit that’s gone rotten
From the top down to the bottom,
It seems like they always fought on
The first of the month he brought on
All these problems seems like she sought ’em
From the start cuz now he’s gotten
Hurt in the heart and she’s a doddering fool.


Dreams shattered
Broken and tattered.
Love and rain,
Clouds of pain
Forget what you got
3 years all for naught
I hate the pain
The lies and disdain.
You can’t take the rain,
The homes or the road
The leads to my soul
You can only darken it
The path before you marked on it
in one little bit
You’re thrown in a fit
Over whether to sit or stand
For the man or rock in the band
Or roll over in the sand
Just don’t give me a hand
And then split;
I can’t take it
No more
When you go to the store
And come home a bore.


3 thoughts on “Poetry corner: More Darkness

    1. Good Geek Ranting Post author

      It stays in the corner because my poetry has been a bad boy… it’s a bad boy and it’s being punished. It needs to learn to go outside like a big poetry.

      Hmmm… My level of weird today appears be above normal.


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