Poetry Corner – Doctor’s Visit

Cute blonde sits across from me today

She notices me, but not in a good way

Is crazy the way to go?

Is up front the time to know?

Everyone laughs, is it at me?

I look around, what do they see?

A fly on the wall, thats all I am

Until the receptionist says ‘Hello, my name is Kim’

Hi Kim, I’m Sam I Am

Or is it Henry The 8th I am? I AM!

Pop Culture is lost on the average Jane

Whats the problem she asks? I scream I’m in PAIN!

What else could it be? Why else would I come?

Just because you’re blonde, you don’t have to act DUMB!

Sit Down she says, it will be quite a while.

OH! And fill this out, we need it for your file.

OK, I start, Name, Birthday, Social, such a bore.

I flip from page to page… NEED THEY MUCH MORE?

My head hurts I repeat again its so frickin SORE!

How can I finish this? I scream. CURSE YOU TO THE CORE!




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