Love: The One Truth

I have mentioned a couple of times in passing that my belief is there is one real truth in the world that can never be denied, and that is love. And the more I think about it the more I feel this is right and the more I want to explore the idea more.

S_Comic Love is the root of so many things in this world. When a mother protects her child from abuse, it is out of love. When a friend helps move a hide-a-bed couch on a hot summer day is doing it out of love. Even if it is the love of a promise of free pizza for helping. And when a stranger pays for all the lay-a-way gifts at their local K-Mart, it is out of love.

On the other hand, when someone hurts their family, robs a bank, or takes a gun into a school it is in one form or another due to a lack of love.

In science we learn that darkness does not actually exist, it is not something we can create, but rather the absence of light. In the same way, hate is not hate but the lack of real love.

Give someone who is full of love nothing but a hateful attitude and they will continue to have love in their life. Now reverse that, and start showing love to someone full of hate and eventually they will start turning around.

Don’t misunderstand, you can remove love from someone who has it although you would have to surround them with it. Surround them with people who take take take love and give nothing in return and bad things will result. But this goes to further prove the point that love is a thing that there can, at times, even be a tangibly measurable amount of.

So what would it look like in your life if you showed an amount more love than you do now? What could you do around your family, your friends, and strangers? Do you have any stories of a time that love won over improbably odds? I would love to hear them in the comments.


8 thoughts on “Love: The One Truth

  1. motherofgeeks

    so we keep practicing ‘happy thoughts’, and one day we’ll be perfect,,,, that would be as our Father welcomes us to His kingdom! in the meantime, we put one foot forward and hope we don’t take two steps back

  2. motherofgeeks

    i was probably one of the worst at seeing someone & silently commenting on their dress, or their behavior…. even though they never heard my thoughts, i heard, and it began to make me sick, in a ‘mental’ way (okay, I’ve always been mental… lol) ….
    i have begun to catch myself when i think these things, and i turn it around & think something positive, or just admonish myself for ‘stinkin’ thinkin”…. i find i’m a lot happier with myself now, which is good, since i’m alone most of the time.
    it has brought more love into my life, which is always a good thing…..


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