Interview with a Customer Service Rep

A few weeks ago I posted about a great experience I had with an AT&T representative named Megan. I encourage you to go back and check it out because this lady is the epitome of great customer service.

At the time it came about that she was an aspiring MC. In a world full of a little too many black and white views towards what people do and how that correlates to how they act I knew I needed to interview her. I can’t say as much as her answers do so here it is.


How long have you been in customer service?

I’d love to say my whole life, but it has only been recently to be truthful, in the sense of an actual job. In a way however it has been my whole life because whether it is a job, every day or intimately; everything is an interaction.


What makes you treat customers as more than just a job?

I always love the motto of treat people how I would like to be treated, the Golden Rule!! I mean if I was on the opposite end, meaning a customer I would love to have me as a rep!!


How do you feel about AT&T as a company? Do they empower you to go above and beyond? Does this differ with any other companies you may have worked for?

Well at AT&T, like other companies, especially being the size they are, it is very political in a sense. Also due to their size the workers are truly numbers, expendable, not individual. This is ok from a business prospective. As far as empowering, you definitely have to do this yourself, which I fell probably the same for other companies. I cannot accurately say for sure only because I typically had manual labor or medical jobs.


What got you into rap?

I started off as a poet in a turbulence filled childhood, stuck in a cage of strict old fashioned values. This all changed the day I heard a very old Eminem song. At that point it was like “Oh it is ok to say what’s on your mind”, as long as you’re strong enough to stand by it and believe in what you’re doing.


That is awesome. What Eminem song was it?



If someone heard your music before knowing how you are in customer service, they may think you would be rude or worse. How do you feel about the correlation between what you rap about and how you treat others?

Honestly my music is a ventilation system for me but it’s not just vulgar non sense. I paint abstract pictures, with intellect as my paintbrush. Usually I get the opposite reaction like, “honestly I have known you for years and I never would’ve guessed this side of you, it is a complete 180 but you really come out through you music!!”


There aren’t many women in rap, how has this challenged you?

I love challenges! This right here has definitely influenced my style.  I definitely say this is a male dominated game/industry. With that said I tend to approach my music with a male mindset and intensity, while keeping my softer side and mental capacity.


How has it inspired you?

The fire I have burning inside grows more and more with every beat I hear, every lyric spit, every person that has the “hype” about them but not necessarily the skill. All the people said I was nothing and I would go nowhere, this inspires me and drives me with my music, against all odds.

What else would you like to say?

“I just wanna be one with the stars and while I’m at it I’m a sh*t on the universe…”


I’d like to thank Megan for taking the time to speak with us and if you like rap I highly encourage you to support her and share-lika-scribe to her YouTube page, and here is a song from her collection. For my regulars please understand there is explicit language in the song.


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