Online Daters and Sister Wives


Have you ever been reading a blog and wished you could be a part of it? Well now you can! Ok, that was cheesy but really I’m looking for more people to fill out a couple of questionnaires.

First I’m looking for fans and watchers of the show Sister Wives. I have some questions about why you watch the show and what you like about it, etc that I need answered for an upcoming blog post. Answers are anonymous unless you specify otherwise on the questions. Email the address below and say you’d like to answer questions about Sister Wives.

Then I’m also looking for people who have been a part of an online dating site, either successfully or not it doesn’t matter just want some questions answered about your feelings towards it, success or failure stories, etc. Again, all answers on this are anonymous. Email the address below and say you’d like to answer questions about online dating.

Lastly, do you have something that you totally geek out about that you think is different than most people? Is it some weird hobby or talent or show that you obsess over? I want to hear and write about it. Email what your geek love is and I’ll send you some questions about it.

Well that’s it for now. So shoot me some emails on what you want to discuss at GoodGeekRanting@Gmail.Com.


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