Technology: Where Are We Going?

One of the best meme’s I’ve seen in recent days said, “Be nice to your parents, they got through school without Google.”

This really says a lot about where we are currently. As adults, we have gone out to the electronic sea and got ourselves a big technological wave. And in the middle of riding that wave, we had kids and told them to come along.

But what has happened is we have failed to make our kids fully realize how LITTLE technology we had growing up or what the benefits were, and there WERE benefits. And now, it’s happened so fast, that not only do they not know a life without a phone being ever present, they don’t know MOMENTS without a phone.

As a geek this has all been a bitter sweet ride. My kids have easily gotten into geek fandoms that are not ‘present day’ fandoms such as Python, board games, and vintage video games. But, at the same time, they don’t know the joy of spending an entire day outside playing in the dirt. And on long drives they haven’t found the wonder in just looking out the window and admiring the scenery or wondering what kind of people live at the end of the power lines jutting away from the road.

And before any nay-sayers pipe up saying, ‘well take the games and phones away’, I know plenty of other readers and parents understand that in todays ever increasing fast paced lifestyle a few minutes of peace due to a phone or tablet in small hands is a blessing. There is a circle here and we have to learn to deal with it.

But even more than that is what we are doing with what we have. When I was growing up and embracing the ever changing technology world there was a clear direction and a few of us following it. We wanted faster, smaller, portable, and it was a goal that the MOST of the world did not yet understand.

But now we have it. Sure, there are still people pushing the boundaries of what we can do but for the most part, we are where we were headed and MOST of the world has embraced it. But is that a good thing? 24 hour TV, phone, music, information, and more is it just too much for the average person to handle? Do we have fewer personal goals than we did 15 years ago?

There is a real need to for those few, those innovators or a new set of them, to come together and go, ‘ok we got small and portable, now what’? The next evolution of our abilities as a race needs to start taking place before we get stuck staring at screens more than dreaming of our future and working on the problems of our past.

I know the new phone is shiny and the TV is huge but stop and think what we could do now? Can we put a man on Mars or, even better, go even further into space? Can we colonize the moon or the bottom of the ocean? Can we find a way to get rid of the trash on the Earth? What is the next ‘age’ of our existence and what part can you play? We won’t find out until we take time to put away the screens and think and dream for awhile.



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11 thoughts on “Technology: Where Are We Going?

  1. pouringmyartout

    I feel this one. In the summer, we had to be creative to keep from being bored. We built wooden go-karts to ride down the hills… with no brakes and ropes to steer with. We climbed scary tall trees. We did stuff. Then my internet died for two days and I almost had an aneurism.

    1. Good Geek Ranting Post author

      I feel you. When I forget my phone I feel lost and I realize I have NO CLUE what is going on in the world. I assume that every plane has crashed, everyone has died, and the world as I know it is run by ninjas and dinosaurs. But, and one of those things that the tech gen doesn’t realize/understand, is just years ago we could leave the house and be gone ALL DAY and no one would know how to get in touch with us. If someone was in an accident we wouldn’t know until we got home. Now it’s posted on FB before anyone is even called at times.

      And yeah, I never built a go kart but I did pretend that my bicycle was a jet and I was part of the blue angels stunt team.

        1. Good Geek Ranting Post author

          Ok but you cant use this line that I came up with…

          “Ninja dinosaurs, righting the wrongs that once were right, undoing evildoers evil doings, and getting cats out of trees.”

  2. motherofgeeks

    I wonder how many kids today know how to draw a hopscotch grid, or play jacks, or just spend all day outside playing hide and seek, or when evening comes, catch fireflies in a mason jar. you never see screened in porches or porch swings anymore…
    makes me sad…..

    1. Good Geek Ranting Post author

      It’s definitely a different dynamic than raising kids even just when I was growing up, I know. Where, as kids, my generation was the TV generation, I think there is a bit of overload now. It’s even funny to me that considering all the talk about how we were watching too much TV as children growing up it has just exploded.

      Adding in social media and just being so open about everything in ones life is scary to me. There seems to be, in general, no filter, no shame, and no humble attitudes towards what one is doing.

      I have taken to trying to look at FB not as a way to tell everyone what I’m doing, but rather as a catalog, a scrapbook if you will of my life. So I post about something good I made or something that we did and I can look back later and enjoy that. The fact that other people can comment on it is a bonus which makes it more of a ‘yearbook’ of every day of life.

      But anytime I get the feeling to post negativity, or anger, or what have you I just think, would I really want to go back later in life and read this? As soon as we let this piece of us that is EVERYDAY become a place to vent negativity we will be living in negativity which will breed more negativity.

      These are the down sides that I see the younger people who don’t know any different running into. Just having their whole lives out there with no filter, it can’t be a good thing.


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