Why are we so enamored with things we eat being stuffed?

Really, as a society we are never satisfied with our foods. As I stated in my post about milk and human satisfaction we are always trying to say, ‘what I have is ok but I could make it better.’

I believe stuffing foods came with the first Thanksgiving as the pilgrims went to the local Wal-Mart (They are everywhere after all), grabbed a box of stove top and stuffed it inside of the first Turkey. The first turkey being the most surprised of any turkey ever since no turkey had ever been killed in the name of giving thanks before that day. Also, it made since, I mean the box said STUFFING on it. They had to stuff it in something, may as well do it in the turkeys rear. I mean, where else would you stuff it?

From there we cut the breast of a chicken and stuffed it with cream cheese that we’d made out of the aforementioned milk we weren’t satisfied with.

We are never satisfied with vegetables, so we stuff peppers with meat because, of course, the only thing missing from a vegetable is the meat.

Even the delicious hamburger wasn’t enough and we have stuffed it with cheese, vegetables, cheese, other meats, and more cheese.

The most obvious and outrageous example of our love of stuffing foods is the Turducken. Where we stuff a duck with stuff an entire chicken into a turkey. That wasn’t good enough though so we stuffed an entire duck into the chicken inside the turkey. Then we put what little bit of stuffing we could fit into the rear of the duck. Take that people who are starving. We have triple stuffed meat.

I gotta go for now, dinners ready and I need to get stuffed.



3 thoughts on “Stuffed

  1. motherofgeeks

    I thought the turduckin was stuff the chicken in the duck, then the duck into the turkey,,,, ducks are bigger than chickens, unless of course they live close to the nuke in Russellville, and then the chickens are the size of pigs…. can you stuff a pig with something? i’m sure it’s been done somewhere…. other than the apple in it’s mouth…..
    love reading your thoughts,,,, well, those you write down,,,, I can’t actually read your thoughts…

    1. Good Geek Ranting Post author

      You are probably correct, I should have fact checked. Having never had the money to buy a turkey, duck, and chicken in one meal nor the oven big enough to cook one I have no first hand experience.

      And I will say that stuffed steaks extend to pork chops. Not to mention the most popular bacon wrapped ANYTHING. Which is sort of like stuffing something in a pig.

      And then there is me eating, which is akin to stuffing a pig, too. LOL!


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