Why does Darth Vader wear a cape?

How big were Cinderella’s feet that no one else could wear her shoes?

Why does MTV show no music, History channel talk about aliens and ghosts, and the Womens Network show so many movies about women being beaten?

Why doesn’t Mario pretend to be a plumber, sneak into the castle, and take the princess out, surreptitious like.

In those nature movies where they show thousands of penguins in a big group, how is all the snow still white?

Why do nurses tell us what the doctor is ‘probably’ going to say? If they know what to do why are we paying the doctor 10 times more?

Why do you watch reality shows for the drama? You should just come and hang out with my family.

Why don’t we see Batman help more orphaned children?

Why is skiing and shooting things an Olympic sport?

Why doesn’t the cookie monster go work at Kiebler?

Why do people get so excited about new phones when they will just be told its out of date in 6 months?

If dog’s sense of smell is so much better than a humans, why do they immediately stick their noses in each others butts? Wouldn’t they be able to smell it from across the yard?



5 thoughts on “Why

  1. yourothermotherhere


    He wears a cape because he’s an antihero.
    Cinderella’s feet were actually small. If you read the original tale, her sisters cut off parts of their feet trying to fit into her shoes. Hey, people were smaller back then.
    Good questions on TV. The SyFy channel has taken a dump too. Cable and satellite providers all want big bucks to watch them, but they sure don’t deliver. We need some law changes on that monopoly.
    Mario? I’ve never played it even once, but I suspect it’s based on politics.
    Penguin shit is white?
    Who owns all hospitals and insurance companies? Doctors. Who decides how much the doctor is going to get paid for telling you what the nurse already told you? Doctors. See socialized medicine.
    I don’t watch reality shows. I think they are the ultimate low in viewer stupidity.
    Batman is modest and doesn’t like to brag about his good deeds. That’s why they shine a light in the sky for all of Gotham to see when they need him and his little sidekick too!
    They require skill.
    He’d either eat the profits or start a hostile takeover or both.
    They get excited for the same reason people buy all kinds of things they don’t need – very clever advertising and insecure people.
    Would you rather have sex with a picture of a person or the actual person?


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