That Time She Scared Me

The worst part about someone you are very close to being gone is not being able to get their advice. When you are young and lose a parent or someone who means a lot to you, you end up just getting older and realizing how much they could have taught you.

A side note: Don’t find yourself in the position of losing someone in your family and then regretting that you didn’t talk more or let them know you still cared or anything like that. Love is a two way street and so is anger and resentment and hatred. Letting the past get in the way of your future relationships with friends and family will only leave you feeling hollow in the end.

When I was young my nana would always tuck me into bed at night. It’s one of those small things that as you get older you don’t think you need and then you get OLD and just want it to happen one last time. To just hug that person one more time and hear the wisdom they have.

Years after she passed I was talking on the phone with a friend and a memory popped into my head. A memory that I had long forgotten. One of those nights that she came in to tuck me in I was ecstatic. With my head touching the headboard I stretched my toes to just barely touch the baseboard and exclaimed, “LOOK NANA! I’m almost too tall for my bed.” I was a growing boy and now I had PROOF!

Buy my nana was a practical person. Without missing a beat she replied, “You know, when you get older and you get too big for your bed, you have to build your own.”

Well I can tell you I didn’t sleep well that night. I was up for hours trying to figure out how I would EVER be able to build a bed. I had never used a saw before and only occasionally helped my papa build something in the garage. Was this something they taught you in school? If you weren’t able to build a bed would you have to sleep on the floor?

But that wasn’t what she meant. I was too young to realize it but she meant so much more than that. And, as I said, I didn’t even remember that conversation until years later. Years after she was gone her voice was back in my head and she gave me advice. And while I then understood it, it still took me years and years to fully comprehend and put it to practice.

Go! Ask your parents for something they’ve learned and go teach your kids something you’ve learned.


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