Do You Ever Ask God Why?

Or do you ever WANT to ask God why but don’t?

While this isn’t an uncommon question for agnostics, (If God IS there why would he let X happen) it is also very common for Christians who DO believe to ask the same thing.

First things first, just understand God isn’t offended by the question why. If you’re going to have a good relationship with your Father honesty is the first and most important building block. We all want to know why and someday we will.

But sometimes, why is the wrong question. God did an amazing thing when He set this world in motion. He first gave it a bunch of rules, like a very in depth video game. There was gravity, chemical reactions, weather, and more. All these things with their own random counters. And then He gave us free will and allowed us to choose the paths we take. We can listen to what He wants us to do, or we can go on our own.

This all means one thing, sometimes tragedies just happen. He may step in before and miraculously stop it in some inexplicable way. He may step in during and save someone in some crazy way. Think of when an area of land is destroyed by a tornado, earthquake, or hurricane and somewhere in the middle is one house standing. And He may step in after and find ways to work good out of the bad.

God doesn’t want us to suffer, sometimes that just happens. But God DOES want to be there for us when we are suffering to do something great with us, for us, or through us. Sometimes the right question is, “What will you teach me from this?” Sometimes it’s, “How will you use me to help prevent this in the future?” Tragedies breed innovation. Tragedies bring communities together. And tragedies help show us flaws we may have on a personal, familial, community, or governmental level. And that is when God can really start working through us.

This all came to my mind as one of my best friends asked for me to pray. A family in her close circle of friends had a horrible tragedy occur Saturday night. This family was at a birthday party at a local lake when the father ran over his own son (a toddler) when he went to backup his SUV and didn’t see him run behind.

There are really no words for such a horrible tragedy. The question why is so easy to ask in this situation and that’s what I was asking last night. My best friends grandson was best friends with this child and even at his young age would be wondering where his friend is. The parents having to deal with this. The father having to live with this the rest of his life. I can’t even begin to imagine how they must feel and my heart is heavy thinking about it.

And I can’t see what good God could bring out of such a tragedy either. Maybe He will use the story to raise awareness of an issue we haven’t given much thought. Maybe He will use these parents to help counsel other parents who go through similar tragedies.

If you would like to offer your prayers you can head over to our Facebook page where I posted about this earlier today. If you have similar stories let us know. And if you have difficult questions I’d love to hear them.

It’s not taboo to ask God tough questions, but rather it’s taboo to hold back the tough questions.


12 thoughts on “Do You Ever Ask God Why?

  1. Tutti

    What a wonderful post. Thank you! I also belive that everything has a sense no matter if we can see it. Sometimes it takes years to understand events. I’ve written quite a lot about this topic… But I don’t want intellectualize, it just sad what happend and the family has my heartfelt sympathy. We tend so easy to judge but I try always to keep in my mind that the same might happend to me…. Who knows what my soul has scheduled to learn 😉

  2. gruundehn

    Reading this post I get the feeling that you are one of those who do not believe in Free Will. God could control everything down to the last detail but that would make us nothing more than puppets. God has given us Free Will and to make Free Will work God has put randomness into the universe. The death of the toddler was the result of faulty action by certain humans who will remember this for the rest of their lives. God will use this event, if those people will let God use it, but God did not by design cause the incident. But once again, God does not force, there must be a choice that we make.

    1. Good Geek Ranting Post author

      Thanks for the reply though your comment confuses me. I absolutely do believe in freewill which is why I mention it and random events in the post. I apologize if it wasn’t clear enough but I assure you it is there.

  3. motherofgeeks

    when you read about something like this, you can’t help but wonder, what if it were my child or grandchild? and the tears fall for this family.. I think most for the father who has to live with this, even knowing it was only an accident, but this tragedy affects the entire family, and my heart goes out to them…. they will definitely be in my prayers!

  4. Anonymous

    Thank you for this and yes we are asking why, but know there is not an answer yet. So emotionally drained today I can’t think straight about how to feel or what to say.

  5. sueannporter1

    Well I started out agreeing with most of what you said about “WHY” and then read the tragic story of the father who ran over his child. What a heart break. I don’t even know what to say. I will pray for this family!


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