Darth Vader: A Story of Redemption

Darth Vader was born Anakin Skywalker on the desert planet of Tattooine.

Ani, as he was called by his dear mother, was always doing good deeds as a child, and often dreamed of becoming part of the Christian crusaders of the Force known as Jedi.

Anakin studied the ways of the Christian extremists and knew all about their ways when one day, by divine intervention, he met one of their high priests known as Qui-Gon Jinn. Qui-Gon saw the potential inside young Ani and requested his parishioners to train the boy in their violent yet monk-like ways.

For awhile it looked as though Anakin might be the savior once prophesied to return, but the devil was working hard too, and soon used a middle aged Senator to drive Anakin away from the Christian focused Jedi, and over to the pagan Sith Lords.

Anakin proved to be weak in his faith of the force of the Christian Jedi and was lured into a world of anger, hate, and dollar beer drafts on the yet to be completed Death Star and became one of the most well known pagan leaders of all time, Darth Vader.

For years, Darth Vader served his lord and leader faithfully, until a chance encounter with his son he had thought long since dead. His lord and emperor tried to convince Vader to kill his only male child but Vader faltered and remembered his own childhood and his relationship with his mother whom had been tragically murdered years ago.

Vader asked for forgiveness and repented in his sinful ways and killed his emperor. Shortly before his death he was granted repentance, converted back to the Christian Jedi, and apologized to his son.

If Vader can be forgiven, we can all be forgiven.




11 thoughts on “Darth Vader: A Story of Redemption

  1. gruundehn

    In the commentary on Star Wars I, if I remember correctly, George Lucas makes the explicit comment that the entire saga is about Anikin Skywalker and his redemption. The close correlation between the ideals of Christianity and the Jedi had escaped me as I was not expecting any such from anyone in Hollywood so I enjoyed the movies for themselves. One point I do think ridiculous (and NOT Jar-Jar because he, or someone like him, is needed for Palpatine to manipulate) is that the Force is brought into balance by destroying the Dark Side. Wholeness, yes, balance, no.

    1. Good Geek Ranting Post author

      Thanks for the great points. Mr Lucas has said lots of things about the series so it’s hard to take him seriously when he says anything like “I planned this all along” but I do agree. It is obvious, even if he did take all the character archtypes from other fantasy stories, that the antagonist would eventually find redemption.

      I DON’T think anyone ever said ‘hey let’s have Christian monk like people’ as Jedis but it definitely did end that way AND was very widely accepted even if no one did think about it on a conscious level to make that correlation. This can be seen in the fact of how many Wars fans were mad at the introduction of Midichlorians (including myself) when the force was supposed to be this unseen item you just had faith in.

      I do have to disagree on one point you made though (this is a personal opinion disagreement not anything hostile like, look you’re wrong and here’s proof… I have no proof, lol) as far as the ‘balance to the force’ I am also irritated by the whole thing but for a different reason. They kept saying in the movies (and expanded universe) that a Jedi would bring balance to the force and almost across the board they thought this would mean he’d be a Jedi and kill off the siths. This is a ridiculous assumption considering the facts they had at the time which was that there were hundreds of Jedi and 2 Sith, POSSIBLY up to 4. The only possible balance that could come from a Jedi bringing balance would be for him to turn to a Sith and kill all the Jedi. (A fact that Yoda realized too late in the movies, which is what irritated me so much.)

      Balance WAS achieved by the fact that there were 2 Jedi (Obi-wan and Yoda) and 2 Sith (Vader and Emperor) but Yoda and Obi-Wan felt the need to go into hiding away from all of the newly formed Empires minions.

      So the balance was really quite ridiculous and the Jedi hid until the ‘balance’ was in their favor and they had 4 possible Jedis (adding in Leia and Luke.) Once the Emperor and Vader are killed off there is peace but no balance so obviously more Sith are on the way.

      This got a little away from me but basically I come around to the point that just like in CHristianity, there is a light and a dark no matter how lopsided it may seem at one point in time. If life is totally crapping on you there is good coming. If you’re on top of the world there is bound to be something to bring you down. A balance in the ‘force’ that basically says life isn’t how you enjoy the good times, it’s how you handle the bad.

      Thanks for hanging with me through my geek ramble…

        1. Good Geek Ranting Post author

          our first opinion is typically our most honest and honesty is the only thing I want in comments and criticisms. Anything less is …. blank.

          Let’s play match game. 🙂


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