Free eBook for Star Wars Day!

Happy Star Wars Day and May the 4th Be With YOU! What geek doesn’t like Star Wars day? No really, if you know of a geek that doesn’t like it I’ll beat him up.

For Star Wars day we have a free eBook for you. Of course it has nothing to do with Star Wars other than being free ON Star Wars day. But it does bring up today’s question.

Question: Why is this book so different from your normal style?

more than a neighborWell, the short answer is, God gave me the story. The long answer is, I don’t think it’s as different as it seems on the surface.

While this isn’t the first serious thing I’ve ever written I can definitely understand how people would be surprised by the style coming from me. But while this is more lifetime movie than Syfy channel, it is definitely still very ‘me’.

When I got this story I knew that I wanted it to stand out from the typical ‘Lifetime’ movie in that it would be better written and less predictable. Before any of my lady fans starts throwing tomatoes please understand I know there are good lifetime movies but think of the really cheesy made for TV ones that litter the channel. Yeah, I didn’t want that.

So, I think I achieved this. My sarcasm definitely comes out in this story along with my somewhat unique view on certain things of this world. Views on the way hospitals work or make us feel as well as the way women are treated differently when working on, with, or buying a car come out and provide something more than just intentional tear jerking moments.

And that goes into the romance as well. I’d say if my geek does come out anywhere in the story it’s with the socially awkward neighbor trying to show he cares in his own weird way. He tries really hard and seems just a little creepy though the true intentions or motives behind the actions aren’t clear at first. I am definitely a part of this character.

So, while it’s not a fantasy or sci-fi story I definitely come out in it and actually have ideas for other similar stories if not sequels.


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