Free Christian eBook Q&A Part 2

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Question: How did you write so convincing in the ‘woman’s voice’?

Well, first I prayed to God to give me the words but He also gave me a lot of experiences and a personality that made it surprisingly, and at times scarily, easy.

The testimonial stories are really versions of a number of experiences I’ve had.

The ‘voice’ comes from having been raised by and being very close to my grandmother. I was raised to respect and understand (as much as a man can) women. I suppose I’ve been able to tap into my emotional side more readily than most and it’s made the passion in writing such as this come out rather easily.

Jillian could have easily been any number of women I’ve known and would be best described as an amalgam of any number of women I have loved throughout my life. (Be it family or girlfriends.)

I’m very proud of how it turned out and glad that God found a use for my emotional side.


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