The Big Bang Theory – Should they quit while they are ahead?

The Big Bang Theory is in it’s 6th season and has gone through all of the changes that you might expect from a sitcom going on that long.

Cast of characters in The Big Bang Theory. Fro...

Cast of characters in The Big Bang Theory. From left: Howard Wolowitz, Leonard Hofstadter, Penny, Sheldon Cooper and Rajesh Koothrappali. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We learned all about the initial quirks of the original Big Bang cast and eventually got new characters. We have romances, rivalries, and tension. But most shows nearing the end of season 6 are going stale and you wonder why they are still on. So what are the cast and crew of The Big Bang Theory doing right?

Well, the cast is one of the most important parts. At this point the weakest character on the show is Raj and they have now found a way to make his condition relevant with a new found love interest and another quality cast addition in Kate Micucci whom is not only funny but one of the great geeks of our day.

Before she came on Melissa Rauch was brought in for Howard before the great Mayim Bialik also joined.

This is simply one of the greatest large casts (over 5 main characters) since, well, ever.

The other big point of this show doing so well is the writing as they continue to find ways to introduce fresh (to this show) story lines while still remaining witty and smart.

But is it a good thing they are going to be into season 7 and possibly much longer with the popularity it’s gaining each year?

As a geek, I love more Big Bang Theory, but as a geek I also love British Television. I watch a lot of British television each month and one thing I can say about them is, they don’t beat a dead horse, unless it’s Monty Python and they are literally beating a dead horse.

The IT Crowd, The Vicar of Dibley, Spaced, and The Office are all great examples of great shows stopping while they were still really funny. Few shows continue on ad nauseam such as Doctor Who and Top Gear. Who gets around the issue of Freshness by having new actors every few years and Top Gear is technically a ‘factual’ show so can’t really be counted.

US Examples? Why yes, thank you. Futurama and Family Guy were both canceled very early and eventually brought back due to the overwhelming response of their fans. Lost was scheduled to be 3 seasons but due to greedy Executive Producers it was painfully extended an extra 3 seasons. One of the greatest US Sitcoms of all time, Better Off Ted, was canceled after just 2 seasons due to simply ‘mediocre’ response. And the Simpsons, thanks to the inability of it’s characters (including a baby) to grow up, has been on since 1934.

But we need examples closer to the Big Bang Theory. Roseanne is probably the best example and it was great for the first 5 or 6 seasons but started quickly going down hill after that. How did you know when it was on it’s last legs? The sitcoms Hail Mary, a new baby is introduced.

That’s what you need to look out for and I only wish writers and producers in Hollywood would understand as well, if you’re about to put a baby into the plot, cut your losses and move on.

So is there a baby on the way in the Big Bang Theory? No, not yet thank goodness. But how far away can it be really? My guess would be they’d try to make it a ‘fresh’ idea by having Penny get pregnant so they’d have to get married instead of the obvious Howard and Bernadette conception.

So the lesson is, keep tuning into the Big Bang Theory until a new baby comes along, then wait long enough to see Sheldon’s first funny reaction to it and then you can turn it off. It will be all down hill from there. Come back for the series finale so you can remember how great it was for the first few seasons.


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