First Impressions of ‘More Than A Neighbor’

What people are saying…

– I finished it almost an hour ago, I promise you tears were flowing from my eyes . It was amazing.

– Wow…. that is all,,,, that one word, typed through tears…. wow

– Be prepared to need at least one box of Kleenex

– The ending was actually cathartic for something I’ve been struggling with….

– It really does feel like I am getting to know real people.

Well it’s official that I will NOT be releasing this as a self-published Kindle book until I have explored all options of getting an agent and a publishing deal. It’s exciting and scary all at the same time but the first impressions were overwhelmingly fantastic.

Below I am putting in what the description WOULD have been had I released it on Amazon along with some comments that have been made about it which I pasted above. If you would like to read it you can use the links in the menu at the top of this page to go to each chapter or you can email me at and let me know if you’d like a word document or a PDF file sent to you.

Thanks again for all the support as I was getting through this new book and evolving as a writer.


Do you treat God like a neighbor?
A neighbor could be –
– Someone you casually wave to in the morning
– Someone you avoid talking to you when you are busy worrying about your own life
– Someone who you only call on when you are really in trouble
– Someone who you may only do something for if you expect something in return

The good news is God will be the best neighbor you’ve ever had because He won’t stop being there for you just because you are selfish or don’t let Him into your life.

The bad news is you can ignore Him so much that your own selfish desires and needs and judgmental attitude can and will tip you into a world of despair and darkness. You will be creating all the bad that you receive.

But you can always make God more than a neighbor. You can invite Him into your home as Father and King and take Him with you when you leave and praise Him when things are going well.

More Than a Neighbor follows the story, told in the form of a testimony, of a young mother who, through a series of bad events in her life, falls away from God and treats Him as a neighbor. She has to find her way back through events, family, and the charm, innocence, and wisdom of her young daughter who had been disfigured at a young age when her father bathed her in scorching hot water.

Be more than a neighbor to God.


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