Somehow the post of chapter 4 was relatively popular as far as people clicking like but something is wrong with it…

12 people liked it.

My blog had 8 views today.




5 thoughts on “Hmmmm

  1. Mooselicker

    You haven’t figured out most people click Like than actually read blogs? I had a blog post the other day I did that got 7 quick Likes. Want to take a guess how many views it had? A big fat goose egg. I would love to round up these serial Likers because I have a feeling they only do it as a quick way to promote their own blogs. Have some dignity. At least make it seem like you aren’t a selfish person.

    1. Good Geek Ranting Post author

      Oh no, I know those people. When I first figured that out I experimented trying it a couple of days to see exactly what they did, how it worked, and what results they received.
      No, the odd part was that first, just like you mentioned, those are normally coming in when you first post or in the first hour or so. Most of my likes were hours after I posted it.
      But more than that, at least 7 of the people that clicked like I know actually do read my blog on a regular basis. At the time I’d posted that I had 8 total views and that post had 3. It ended at a whopping 5.
      I really think that wordpress simply doesn’t have the best stats tool. I’m not sure if they are missing collecting views from certain platforms, maybe the WP app or mobile web or what it is but I would guarantee having watched people who do read and do click like they are missing something.


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