Fun With Search Terms

A friend of mine inspired this. I know all bloggers get some weird search terms and, honestly, most of mine aren’t that weird. But I DID think, what a unique opportunity for me. You, the people, are searching for answers and you have given me the questions. So I should answer them for you.

So here you go,  101, a relatively small selection of my search terms with proper responses to each.

1              chris hemsworth – Yes this is how most of you found me. He really IS too good looking.

2              zooey deschanel sister – Her name is Emily.

3              natalie portman thor – After meeting Christ Hemsworth she probably is.

4              chris hemsworth pictures – No more please.

5              geeky adult onesies – Even geeks shouldn’t wear them.

6              onesies for teenage girls – Little girl, please don’t give up this early in life.

7              plain looking – It’s ok, we’re all beautiful in God’s eyes.

8              good geek ranting – You’ve heard of me?

9              zooey deschanel nerdy love – Sweet sweet nerdy love indeed.

10           tailgate snuggie – Snuggies are for the game in the stands, Onesies are apparently for tailgating.

11           snuggie onesie – These are two different things, if you’re going to give up on life, please learn the difference.

12           zooey deschanel gorgeous – Yes, yes she is.

13           natalie portman in thor – I think you’ve got that backwards.

14           cool adult onesies – there are none.

15           average looking man – I’m 6’4, overweight with a goatee. Trust me, I’m not average.

16           body quivers – lets keep this PG-13 at least.

17           ninja businessman – Are you hiring?

18           r2d2 front – What, you got something against R2’s butt?

19           big bang theory emily – No regular cast member or character on BBT is named Emily. You have shamed the geek community and must now leave the island.

20           what’s a onesie – It’s a single piece of fabric designed to cover an entire body. Most commonly seen on babies though a new fad has emerged of adults buying them.

21           zooey deschanel hot scene – Where where where?

22           r2d2 dimensions – Well, he’s about yay tall and about this big around.

23           geeky onesies for adults – just stop people.

24           beep boop beep star wars – boop beep whistle buzz can’t wait.

25           zooey deschanel and sister – havne’t seen them today.

26           how to the whole cast of finding nemo – this is not a complete question but you have my curiosity.

27           lazy superman – he is NOT!

28           clever ecards – eCards are a passing fad and in 50 years we will realize that none of them were actually clever.

29           snuggies for onesies – You’re so confused. Please stop drinking at 3 AM.

30           r2-d2 tablet wallpaper – This is not the droid wallpaper you’re looking for.

31           poular bathroomt with computer – please use BOTH hands when typing…… after you wash them.

32           goodgeekranting – Still am. And still surprised you’re searching for me.

33           tie fighter blu print – Just because I’m building a full size working replica of a Tie Fighter doesn’t mean you can have my blue prints.

34           r2d2 phone – R2 doesn’t need a phone, he is always connected.

35           grown up women onesie – It’s not as sexy as they make it out to be.

36           3d salesman – There are 2d Salesmen?

37           finding nemo quotes – Ok, how about ‘Just keep swimming’

38           the big happy adult onesie – if You’re a happy adult you probably don’t need a onesie.

39           adult double onesie – what are the two of you going to be doing in the onesie? Wait, don’t tell me, I don’t want to know.

40           zooey deschanel body – I do not have a full sized robotic reproduction of Zooey’s body.

41           zoey deschanel pantyhose – Fiancee made me get rid of them. Sorry.

42           typical man – far from it.

43           zooey deschanel blanket – If you have an extra one sure… errr, fiancee is watching… I mean. NO SIR I don’t want one of those. (Leave it in my car.)

44           zooey deschanel no emotion – Do you know who you’re talking about? I think you mean Emily from Bones.

45           beauty and the beat disney – The remix version.

46           snuggie superman – A superman snuggie? Well you have gone all geek on me.

47           rd-d2 action figure – can’t have mine, sorry. Go to wal mart.

48           zooey deschanel’s sister – her name is EMILY!

49           the mentalist emily deschanel – Emily is not the Mentalist. The Mentalist isn’t even female.

50           please forgive me gif – of course I forgive you.

51           if you cannot forgive me – I just did, it’s no biggie just get your facts straight.

52           natalie portman plain looking – ummmm no.

53           chocolate covered stress – wait what?

54           bacon geek – you have come to the right place my friend.

55           bathroom read – go ahead, I also have a book you can get on Kindle.

56           are adult onesies cool – no. No they are not.

57           snowboarding onesie – ok now you are all just being ridiculous.

58           amy in big bang theory gorgeous – I think so. But then I always had a crush on Blossom.

59           note for titanic – WATCH OUT FOR ICEBERGS!

60           losvu – slkdfj

61           adult gaming onesie – What kind of adult games?

62           8-bit bathroom – Not practical. Think of the sharp edges on the toilet.

63           sexy girls onesie – this is the best oxymoron ever.

64           one direction onesies for adults – so sad, yet still proud to have so many UK fans.

65           astromech skin – What are you going to do with it? Are you one of those weirdos who wears the skins of astromechs?

66           sitcom – how did your vague vague search term end up here?

67  – This is the search bar, you want to put this in the address bar at the top of the window. And, btw, what a very specific search. Sitcom guy could learn from you.

68           computer repair girl standing – ATTN: All computer repair girls (All 2 of you?) – please stay away from that house.

69           someecards about being vain – Look, you obviously don’t like her so just tell her face to face and get it over with. eCard breakups are so last year.

70           the word high class – ahem… that’s two words.

71           look at my new drivers license picture – I don’t even know you… oh alright… hey not bad.

72           zooey channel – her last name is spelled Deschanel. Unless you were talking about an all Zooey channel in which case, I’m in.

73           you can forgive me – I really already did but I’m starting to reconsider.

74           forgive me cartoon – Now you’ve made a cartoon? You’re trying to hard, what else did you do?

75           emily deschanel wedding zooey – ummm, that’s incest. So best to go to the south.

76           wonder woman adult onesie – More like, I wonder why this woman is wearing a onesie.

77           thor looking horse – and the horse is looking thor… HA It really never gets old.

78           is seth macfarlane in lg spectrum – LG Spectrum is a phone. Seth Macfarlane is a full sized person. Your phone is not possessed by Seth.

79           thor look alike – no but I bet my Fiancee wouldn’t mind if I did.

80           dude my r2d2 i haven’t played this is years – I KNOW RIGHT!

81           how to make a sock puppet of poor man – if you’re making a sock puppet, you’re already a poor man.

82           bridal adult onesie – Now you’re all just messing with me, right?

83           emily zooey tongue – ummmmm. wrong website.

84           sad girl in onesie – if she’s in a onesie, probably so cause she’s certainly not out on a date.

85           vic 20 cassettes – they are just regular audio cassettes, no special cassettes needed. Though finding audio cassettes isn’t always easy these days either.

86           geek “notify me of follow-up comments” – I would but you didn’t leave me your email addy.

87           wendys breakfast games – ummm, there’s a game?

88           black lab onsie – this is just cruel punishment to the dog. Sure he chewed your couch and your remote and your game controllers but he doesn’t deserve to wear a misspelled onesie.

89           when your significant other moves in – your dignity moves out.

90           businessman feel sorry – none that I’ve met.

91           schools out5 for summer – not yet, and is the random 5 code for a summer gang?

92           bad looking men with good looking women – what are you saying?

93           dr horrible quote – how about ‘What a crazy random happenstance.’

94           i’m so sorry please forgive me – I’m beginning to consider otherwise.

95           you can’t forgive me – I’ve tried NUMEROUS TIMES!

96           phil phillips does your daddy let you date – little girl, (or boy, I don’t discriminate) when you type a name into google it doesn’t send that person a message.

97           deschanel love triangle good geek writing – I thought it was too, thanks.

98           ninja romance – It’s hard to love a ninja and worst of all, you never see their love coming.

99           toilet ecards – your friends are weird.

100         list of sitcom cookie-cutter scenarios – kid gets in trouble, people make fun of it, everyone learns a lesson.

101         emily elbert’s boyfriend – I don’t know who he is but it’s apparently not you so we’ve narrowed down the list.


16 thoughts on “Fun With Search Terms

  1. Cindy

    This gave me a great laugh during afternoon nap time at work that I almost laughed out loud. That wouldn’t have been good. All the babies would have woke up lol.

  2. pouringmyartout

    Dude… this is only funny because of your aswers. I am glad that I used the term ‘feety jammies’ when I did my series of posts. I would hate to attract the attention of these freaks who are so interested in onesies and snuggies. Oh, who am I kidding. I will start tagging all my posts with those two words.

    1. Good Geek Ranting Post author

      I know my search terms aren’t funny but luckily I am. 😀

      So yeah, the best combination of tags would appear to be chris hemsworth sunggies Zooey deschanel in a onesie.

      1. Cindy

        I don’t let out an audible sigh when I see Thor. I let out an audible sigh when I see Loki lol! Get the facts straight a lot of geek girls like Loki!

        1. Good Geek Ranting Post author

          Yes well I wasn’t with you when I wrote the original or I would have. I wasn’t with anyone, technically though the friend who was a girl I saw Thor with did let out a sigh every time he came on screen. That comment can be applied equally across the board, however, to any woman who does so at him, Johnny Depp, the underage Jacob in Twilight… any of them.


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