What is it with fajitas?

I love Mexican food, including Americanized, Texanized, and original. And I love me some fajitas. In fact, that’s what I had tonight. But it’s all a bit weird isn’t it?

Basically you’re saying, I don’t QUITE feel like actually cooking a meal, but I’d like to have something that still requires some preparation.

There is a restaurant in my area that also has a certain dish that they bring out with a little bowl of hot oil, so you sit there and stick your food on a stick and then dip it in the oil to cook it.

Wait, what? More than that, it’s EXPENSIVE. I have yet to go, and I do hear the experience is nice but really?

This is all second cousin to the Habachi Grill Japanese Steak houses. If you haven’t been to one of these, you sit around a really hot grill while someone who may or may not understand what you’re ordering set piles of onions on fire and tossing shrimp into your dates mouth. It’s all weird and out of place (A kitchen in the dining room?)  so of course I love that too. If they would just make a Habachi Grill that made Fajitas then you could watch someone cook the food that you need to prepare.


5 thoughts on “What is it with fajitas?

  1. pouringmyartout

    Dude… you so get me. We went to a place where they were famous for their steaks. But you cook the steak yourself on a little grill at the table. Why would I go out to do my own cooking? And it cost extra to have them cook it. But we went to a few of those barbeque at your own table asian places and that is fun and awesome.

    1. Good Geek Ranting Post author

      You had to cook your own STEAK? What’s the point of even going? At least it cost more to have them cook it then the other way around.

      Some things are funny like that. Remember home phones and yellow pages? In our area you used to have to pay a dollar so that your phone number would NOT be listed in the phone book.

      So did they tell you ‘cook it this long to be rare/medium/ etc. If it’s cooked wrong do you get to complain and get your money back? That’s the thing their, seems like they are trying to pawn off responsibility of proper meat preparation.


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