There’s something wrong with that wiener

I always knew I had an issue with hot dogs.

The following is a clip of how they make hot dogs. It does not vilify the process, on the contrary it is actually a clip from How It’s Made. After watching, I have to wonder How It’s Eaten. There are points in this video where I wondered how they would make a Hot Dog from what they were showing, but sure enough, eventually a Hot Dog is formed.

Ok, so the dogs are made from left over steak cut scraps. They are a cheap dinner. Do you think the top 1% eats hot dogs? If they do, do you think they are fancy hot dogs? Does the top 1% look at a whole cow and exclaim, “Cut off the best of cuts, make me one hot dog, then throw the rest away.” They probably don’t finish that hot dog, either, but rather take a bite or two and exclaim, “So this is how the rest of the world eats. How quaint. Benson? Can we get another bucket of caviar?”


Ok, maybe not, but either way, here’s the video.



5 thoughts on “There’s something wrong with that wiener

  1. charlottecarrendar

    In Australia, the Aussie meat pie, is more common than the Hot dog. The history of it is actually fascinating. But much of the meat used, is the offal and left over bits of the cows….

    1. Good Geek Ranting Post author

      This is really interesting, thanks for sharing. I’d like to say the words ‘Meat pie’ would turn me off of it, but since I love mince meat pie, that wouldn’t work.

      We do have something similar here, it’s called a pot pie. Like a stew in a pastry. It originated in the frozen food section at 50 cents per pie.

      Ok, so my nana actually used to make them fresh when she was around and they were actually really delicious, so I could get into these very easily.

      I must ask though, how common are the ‘apple’ elements of the aussie meat pie? I don’t do well with sweet and savory or fruit and savory flavors.

      Which leads me to think of one other thing we have that you may or may not have heard of called ‘American Pie’ which is a slice of apple pie with a slice of cheese melted on top. Often Cheddar or American. Again, can’t bring myself to do it. As much as I love cheese, I have my boundaries.


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