Dear Britain: Leave our shows alone

Ok, my British friends. This septic is fed up and says you have gone too far.


I sat idly by as you stole original programming that smart, creative, hard working yanks came up with for far too long. Your short lived attempt to re-create ‘The Office.’ Your attempt to recreate our success with music shows by stealing Simon Cowell, a red blooded American if I’ve ever met one, and stealing ideas for shows like ‘X-Factor’ and American Idol. You did, smartly, change the name of Idol to ‘Pop Idol’. I mean, it would have been a little obvious if you’d left it named American Idol, I suppose.

But Cowell isn’t the only talented American actor you stole. Taking our talented Chef Gordon Ramsey and stealing shows like Kitchen Nightmares and Hell’s Kitchen.

You even stole the basic premise of our Quantum Leap and changed a few things, added a blue box, and called it Dr Who.


But this time, sirs and madams, you have gone to far.

I love Top Gear. I have been watching it for awhile. That show on History Channel is hilarious. So, why not try watching it on BBC? How bad could they mess this up?

Well, the worst part is how easy it is to tell the WHOLE SHOW IS FAKE! I mean, they drive on the wrong side of the road. The steering wheel is even in the passenger seat. Have the producers of this show ever SEEN a car? I mean, come on.

If none of that were fake enough, they talk about driving around in far off, mythical places like Lancashire, Sussex, and Italy.

Even if they were driving in real cities they can’t even pronounce Nissan correct.


I try to always give your shoddy remakes a chance but this has gone too far. Get real cars, drive in real places, and make a real reality show like America does.


5 thoughts on “Dear Britain: Leave our shows alone

  1. pouringmyartout

    Brilliant. Satire at its finest. This is a reverse Monty Python sketch. There was a time when the BBC was known for low budgets and stillted dialogue, but they are cutting edge now. And they really did steal that from us.


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