I Applaud You, Lance Armstrong

If you haven’t heard about Lance recently, I’m not going to rehash the whole thing here. Go ahead and go Google it, I’ll wait.

But more likely, you’ve heard enough. Chances are, you’re even commenting yourself. Maybe you’ve even blogged about it. I guess my blogs going to be different than a lot of them because I’m proud of what Lance did.

Now, before you go getting all in a tizzy, I don’t mean the fact that he did drugs to win a race. That’s not cool. But the fact that after so long of living this lie, he came clean and told all.

There is so much negativity in this world. There are so many cheaters, liars, and haters. There are so many people who get away with a lot of dirty things and seemingly never pay a price here on earth.

But they still pay a price. There is still a judge. And it is none of us here.

And beyond even that, think of anything you’ve ever done that you had to confess. Broke someones lamp? Wrecked a parents car? Stole money from a family member?

Ok, now multiply that by 1000 and this is what he had to confess. I say that because its not about his wins, it’s about everything he’s done, and that’s the saddest part of all.

Whether or not he used drugs and won a tournament. HE BEAT CANCER. And then, he didn’t sit on his laurel (wordplay intended) but rather backed LIVESTRONG to help other people with Cancer. He has now stepped down from that position.

Maybe you think, ‘good he should.’ Ok, fine if you believe so. Lets take this even further.

He talked about how his son used to defend him when this all started and the accusations started flying. His confession wasn’t just to the world, but to his son.

Any parent worth their salt will know how hard this is. Any parent striving to have the respect of their child will know how hard this is.

Still have a problem with him? Lets look at the base act of confession itself one more time.

This is one of the hardest parts of humanity. Its a step in all 12 step programs and is often touted as the hardest step. Confession is a part of faith and trust and love and relationships. And a lot of people never confess their darkest moments in life.

In the end, do I think he should have done drugs to win? No. Do I think I should stop thinking he’s a good guy just because of that one mistake? No. There’s enough negativity in this world. I choose to rise above and welcome him back into the world and let him know its OK. What’s one of the few things harder than confession? Forgiveness.

Thanks you Lance. It takes a small man to cheat but it takes a big man to confess and apologize for it.


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