Some Truth About Nothing

Some history brought to life in my book and offered up for you.

The people of Noth were not always known as Nothings. Before Garran came along they weren’t known as anything. But the King wanted something from his Nothings so he gave them Nothing as a name.

King Garran loves his Nothings. He loves them so much he makes them do whatever he wants. He wouldn’t trust anyone to do something other than his Nothings. Unless, of course, he were out of Nothings that he would get someone to do something.

Cats used to be known as felines. They got the name ‘cats’ from General Cats of Noth. General Cats had the idea to fight dog with felines and it was hugely successful. When the felines defeated the dogs the men of the Nothing Army called them Cats in the Generals honor.

General Cats was on top for awhile but then continued to try to use Felines for every issue that was brought to him. The plan for deep sea diving felines did not work out as planned and General Cats was demoted to Captain Cats. He eventually made a cereal and had financial success with Captain Cats Crunch but would forever be shamed in the southern Agnos area for his poor military planning. But that’s a whole other story.

The large men of Ebony are very Godly. The larger they are the more Godly they are. A few are so Godly they can barely move and others are so Godly they put local eateries out of business on Buffet nights.


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