Love for my fans in the Deutschland

Did you know that there is a free book on Amazon right now? I know you do because Germany has shown their love and support.

For awhile I have known of fans in the UK thus I had planned some posts this weekend to post at a time more fitting of their schedule.

When the weekend started, though, a weird thing happened. Amazon showed a book downloaded in Germany.

That’s cool, I thought. I have a follower in the Deutschland. Then another, and another, and ANOTHER. And more then that even.

I will just say I had no idea I had so many followers and readers in Germany but I am humbled and touched that you showed up in such numbers.

My plan was to link to some of the posts I’ve done already, so here is one of them. But also, I’d love to hear from some of you. If you have any questions for me or want to know anything or just want to say hey, let me know. Thanks again for making me feel like David Hasselhoff and keep reading, I’ll keep writing.


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