A Long Weekend of Free Book

It has been a really long weekend. I want to say one more time how much I appreciate all the response over the weekend. I’m SO tired but so honored.


Why do you want to be a writer?

It’s weird because this wasn’t something I knew I wanted until relatively recently. I wanted to own a restaurant or have a band or be a DJ. A host of things other than writer although a number of things involved my writing talent here and there. Ad copy requires short creative phrases and as a DJ you help write spots and news stories.

The more I do it though, and I do it every chance I get now, I know that comedy writing and beyond is making me very happy. It’s enjoyable on a deep level and I find myself WANTING time to do it more. I have so much in my head to write (4 books and more) and no time to do it but still savor every moment I get on smaller projects like this blog and GeeKomics.

Of all the talents I find myself with this is the one that I find myself, in the middle of my life, really striving towards. Making people smile with a word here and there. Whether it ends up in a book, on a screen, or just a small blog I have and will continue to enjoy just writing.


I hope that this, or anything I ever do or say or write will lead to even one person being inspired to follow their passion off a cliff and into the great unknown of chasing a dream. Have a great Sunday night, go enjoy your family, then go be creative.


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