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Well, it’s been a long night writing all these posts that are coming out today but I again want to thank everyone who not only has checked out the book but also who continue to follow my blog. You all have great taste. 🙂

What is next for you? What is to come in the Seth Stories?

Writing this book has, in the very least, led to a revelation. I want to be a writer when I grow up.

This is rough since I’m pretty much already middle aged but it has refueled my love of writing comedy and more. It is the catalyst that has led to me praying for direction in my life and being inspired to write more over and over again.

I have 3 other books unrelated to the Seth Stories and land of Agnos in my head and 2 of them semi-sort of started. 2 of them aren’t even humorous books, which is weird for me though not outside of the realm of things I’ve done in the past.

I’ve also written a script for a 7 to 10 minute comedy sketch done in stop motion with a chess board. I am currently gathering all I need to make my first ever stop motion animation and set it to this script. I hope to have my worldwide release right here on this blog shortly after the new year, if not before. It will not only be the first time I have finished a script (even sketch sized), but also my debut acting career (other than training to be a DJ and doing commercials), and directorial debut as well as StopMo debut. Its a lot to take on for one comedy bit and has consumed me this week.

I also want to continue this blog and make it bigger. I continue to try to find a set direction for it but always come back to fairly random ranting. The longest stretch I’ve done is the set of GeeKomics that seem to continue pouring out of me.

Oh yeah, GeeKomics, I’d love to do more and more of those. If I ever find an interested artist I have some that I haven’t been able to do due to my lack of drawing abilities.

Finally, there is the start of it all, RotD and the Seth Stories saga. The second book, ‘The Battle for Rahn’ or something similar will take place in the Valley of Rahn. Again Seth and Jewel will be thrust into adventures that test their friendship, their morals, their faith, and their strength. Other than that, I’m not totally sure.

I know a few things that need to happen that were set up in Book 1 and I’m excited to see play out. The war between Ebony and Noth has escalated and now Ebony is getting Airwolf to assist. (Well, some version of Airwolf anyway) What can Noth do to fight Airwolf? That I DO know but that’s a bit of a big spoiler for a book that isn’t out yet.

So it really comes down to time. I am looking for the ability to become a full time writer and hope it comes about some day. Until then my creative A.D.D. keeps bouncing me from project to project and I keep coming up with more to do. I spend the few hours a week I have learning to be funnier and a better writer and a better person and at the same time continue to try and come up with some amount of fresh content.

One things for sure, it’s a LOT of fun and I have enjoyed it greatly. If you want to be a writer the most enjoyable thing you can do is just start writing and that has made me so happy to have that extra outlet. So go, WRITE… and be merry about it.


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