How to finish writing a book

Well, not exactly. More over this is how I finished MY book after starting so many.

What was different on this book than others?

Everything and nothing. I mean, honestly it really was SO different yet so the same, up until I got about half way through the book and realized I had the ideas, ability, stamina, and WONT to finish.

Once I breezed past 20k words I knew this was different. But up to then and after then in the back of my head there was still that doubt. “I’ve never finished a book before, how is this one different? I’m just going to stop writing one day and it won’t ever be done.”

So I had to fall back on the things that were different.

One: A muse.

My fiancee not only convinced me to START writing this book, but she kept encouraging me to keep going. If you have someone close to you to give feedback as you write and cheer you on when you are getting discouraged then definitely take advantage of it. The better a cheerleader they are, the farther you get and the faster you get there.

I can’t play this up enough. This book would NOT exist if it weren’t for her.

Two: God

This is the Christian part again but God saw me through this book. I prayed for words each night I wrote and each time he provided something. Sometimes it was 2 or 3 pages while another night it was over 20. More important he laid it on my heart as to which ways to go with everything.

When I was second guessing my idea of dumping as many fantasy cliches as possible, God and my Fiancee were there with hope, wisdom, and encouragement. And when I doubted the idea of releasing it myself, I prayed on it and God showed me it was what I needed to do for me.

God is amazing and I thank him for my Fiancee and this book (and lots of other things but they aren’t relevant here.)

Three: Change

Every other time I’d started to write a book I thought I knew how it should go. This time around, as I was writing, I was researching sites, blogs, books and other expert works who offered their advice of what made a great book better than a good book. It changed the way I was writing the book WHILE I was writing the book.

The biggest difference was I thought I needed to know where it was going. I thought I needed an ending that I could work towards, but instead I found I wrote better, and more often, when I let the book take its natural course. The end of the book takes its cues from the small things that I wrote in the beginning.


I can’t say any of this will help you finish a book because, obviously, I’m no writing expert. But it is how I finished and having become more aware of all the people around the world who struggle with the same problems I was having, maybe it WILL help someone. Good luck and good writing.


3 thoughts on “How to finish writing a book

  1. pouringmyartout

    Dude, I am so with you. I started so many stories before I got wrapped up in this one so deeply. I know every character as if they exist. They are real to me. And I still laugh when I read it, even though I have read it so many times. But I am thinking of changing the main character’s name back to Arthur.

  2. thoughtofvg

    I haven’t seen your blog for a while, but last time i did, it looked like you were in a pretty dark place. I’m so glad to see that you seem to be having a much better time at the moment, and have just achieved a great goal of finishing a novel. Congratulations on the finished book!

    1. Good Geek Ranting Post author

      Thanks.. Yeah, I’m doing a lot better. From being homeless and jobless this time last year I have a place, a job, and a fiancee. It’s been a pretty crazy year. Glad you found your way back to the blog and appreciate the compliments.


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