A Jewel in the Rough

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Is Jewel based on someone you know?

Yes and No.

First, I’ve known lots of Julies and a lot of them went by Jewel, up to and including my sister whose name I will withhold for anonymity. None of them have been anything quite like Jewel in the book. Although the amount of positivity she has could be like my sister.

The main attribute of her being though, which is her amazing ability to talk and talk and talk or even hold an entire conversation by herself is an amalgam of many people I have known, most of whom are children.

Having the opportunity to raise a child on the spectrum and meet other similar to him I am amazed, at times, as to how much can come out of a kids mouth without air going in. A truly great one won’t even wait for answers to their questions but rather continue on as though you DID answer or even better, answer for you and then continue on.

I LOVE this attribute in kids even though it tends to wear me out listening to it. They grow on me quickly as my mind races about as fast as they talk. When I hear Jewel speaking in my head I even a times hear Doug the Dog from UP or the Squirrel from Over the Hedge.

It was an absolute blast not only writing for Jewel but having characters react around her. Even better, as the book wore on I could elude to the fact that she talked a lot without having to make the rants as long because the impression she left in the beginning of the book can make you smile again just remembering how it sounded to you.

This is what I love about books. They can read different for everyone and I look forward to seeing how she and Crazy Joe sound in other people’s heads.


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