Racism and Segregation in a free book?

THIS BOOK… RIGHT HERE continues to be free… please share this information with your facebook and tweeters. And feel free to ask questions that I can answer tomorrow and Sunday.

Ok, so we talked about God but I heard there is also talk about Racism and Segregation, EVEN WAR? How is this a COMEDIC fantasy?

Yes, I speak about racism and segregation in this book. But it’s handled in about the same way as I talk about God, only even MORE humor.

Understand that since writing this I have found that these are common themes for me because, through all the humor, I HATE racism and segregation of ANY KIND. It’s really ridiculous and just getting old but it is still out there and I enjoy looking at it through fantasy (and now sci-fi, new book) ways.

In this book we have Mountain Lions who have learned to walk and talk and aren’t being accepted into society. Although in one city they like dressing up like mountain lions and making fun of them. Yeah, its got a hint of history with a lot of humor and a subtle(ish) message of, this is stupid, why did we ever or are we still doing this.

And there are hobbits (gotta read to understand) that are more accepted than mountain lions yet still kept separated from everyone else.

This all sounds very serious but its an undertone and catalyst rather than being the subject of the book. Its handled as well as all serious subjects are handled on this blog and shouldn’t be looked at as me preaching at anyone. My opinion is my own, its obvious but not shoved down your throat because I wouldn’t want the opposite.

A well written story, movie, or song can convey a point that people can disagree with without angering them. I believe this is one of those books and according to the reception I’ve gotten, it is.

What do you think of serious topics in humor form? Let’s get talking.


Ok, go share this then come back tomorrow for more insightful stories and even more A’s for all your Q’s.



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