Let the FREEdom begin

My book, Rise of the Dragons, is now FREE for a few days. During the three days I’m going to do some posts about the book, some questions I’ve received, some insights, and maybe a not so funny story or two. Here’s the start.

Why free? Why now?
Well, when you first sign up for Amazon Kindle book service you can elect to make it exclusive on Amazon for 90 days at a time. Since I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my book at first other than I wanted it out there, I went ahead and did that. (Or it wasn’t an option for the first 90 days, either way I didn’t mind at the time)

One of the perks of that first 90 days is you can list your book free for a number of days throughout, for a total of 5. I had not taken advantage of this because, again, not really sure how I wanted to handle my book.

Well, my 90 days is almost up and I am yet again on the fence of what to do with my book. Try getting it in the hands of some publishers? Increase where I’m offering it? Keep it on Amazon for awhile?

What I knew I wanted was to get more people to read it. I love the idea that people from all over the world can read my book. It’s EXCITING and I’m not worried that it’s a small independent release. In fact, I LOVE IT MORE. I can also understand the flip side that people aren’t wanting to spend money on a little indie author. So, lets get some copies out in the world.

Long and the short of it, GET IT. SHARE IT. READ IT. Talk about it good or bad I don’t care just enjoy the fact that in a world where you love to read you have access to more books than ever before. AND HERE’S A FREE ONE!

Whether you love me and hate it or hate it but love reading my blog at least click share on one or more of these posts. Let your Facebook friends know there is a free book available. Tweet the offer. You’ll make me one happy geek.

Ok, stay tuned for more info.


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