Indie Book Extravaganza

Ok, not much of an extravaganza since I only have the one available (so far). But let me have this, ok?

I promised more talk about the book and more questions answered and I am here to offer some now… lets get started.

I heard there are some grammatical errors, am I going to have a problem reading this book?

No, the errors are minor and actually found mostly by people who fuss over grammatical exactness on a regular basis. Are there errors? YES. Almost all first editions that come out have some errors. Does it hinder the reading of the book? No, there is nothing in there to stop you from finishing the book and it is written with the same intelligent (yes weird and goofy) mind that brings you this blog.
Filled with wordplay and humor if you are taking it so seriously as to get bogged down by a grammar problem here and there then you are already taking it TOO SERIOUSLY.

Why haven’t you fixed the errors?

I do, at some point, want to fix the errors but right now I’m focusing on other projects. I’m a writer who loves to write.

Why would you release a book with errors?

Again, I’m a writer who loves to write and have his stuff read. And I LOVE the indie scene. If you’ve ever listened to and liked a Nirvana song (or similar type band) then you don’t have much to argue about here. Some of the best art ever made, be it paintings, movies, music, stories, whatever is rough around the edges. It makes it REAL. It’s not polished to perfection and you can feel the writer inside it.

If Clerks had been perfectly polished would it have become a cult favorite?

What about Star Wars? It WAS imperfect all the way through and we have complained every time something is changed to make it ‘better’.

This book is my heart and soul and mind and humor and thoughts and feelings and blood and sweat (Well most of that anyway) poured out for you.

Ok, I’ll be back later with more…


16 thoughts on “Indie Book Extravaganza

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  2. greengeekgirl

    I… I fail to see the difference between not wanting to proofread your book and Clerks or Nirvana. I mean, even “indie” bands practice a LOT. And Kevin Smith basically sank everything he owned into being able to get Clerks edited (yes, edited). The reason that Clerks was rough-shot was due to budget and time constraints, not because it was some kind of indie badge of honor to leave in mistakes. The “set” was a real convenience store that Kevin Smith still worked in during the shooting… and he maxed out all of his credit cards and sold his comic book collection just to raise funds for shooting and editing.

    I don’t think you’re doing other indies a favor by talking about leaving in mistakes and not making something “polished.” There’s a difference between making stylistic choices and just leaving something unfinished.

    1. Good Geek Ranting Post author

      As I’ve said already it’s not about not actually wanting to so I’ll go over the clerks and Nirvana statement now.
      The point of clerks being there are things that were under his control. For instance, lines that may not have been delivered without a stirrer or a Misstep of which there are a number of. Cues not always being hit exact, things like that. Small things yet noticeable to someone trained in film.
      The same on Nirvana and again they were an example not the exception. First, yes they practice a lot but most bands, when recording an album, go in and do multiple takes to get rid of any mistakes being played. Nirvana was one if the first big hit bands that didn’t like doing this, well Kurt didn’t anyway, so you can hear mistakes in the playing and singing.
      And let me reiterate that these are two of my all tome favorites in movies and music but I can hear and see the mistakes.
      Basically, if my book were actually chock full of mistakes I’d be embarrassed but it’s simply not fill of them. There are some and i’m going to be honest about it. If that has stopped anyone from attempting to read it then i’m ok with that because I still accomplished my goal of writing a full book that i’m proud of.
      Over the next month I will be considering what I want to do with my book in the future as I have more time and eventually get to fix the mistakes that are there.
      Again, I appreciate all the feedback and if you read the book I hope you are as honest about what you think of it’s content and mistakes good and bad because there is not enough honesty in the world.

  3. sj

    I am going to try to say this without sounding like a total jerk, if I fail, I apologize in advance.

    Seeing things like this are what put a lot of readers off of reading self-published work. No one expects your work to be perfect (a lot of books pushed out by the Biggies are full of typos and grammatical errors, so it’s not just Indies that have this issue), but saying that you’re aware of it and don’t plan on fixing it (right away, at least)? That’s kind of a screw you to readers.

    Amazon will pull your book if they’re notified of issues by readers (it can be reported to them very easily) and they aren’t addressed in a timely manner.

    Filled with wordplay and humor if you are taking it so seriously as to get bogged down by a grammar problem here and there then you are already taking it TOO SERIOUSLY.

    I take issue with this statement. As someone who gets paid to notice things like that, it’s next to impossible to read past them, and yes – poor grammar does impact enjoyment of a story. Just like I won’t read a blog by someone who appears to have a poor grasp of the English language, I won’t reward someone whose “finished” product is full of errors by giving them my money.

    If you expect people to pay for your hard work, you need to make sure that it’s the best it can possibly be before it goes out into the world. If it’s not the best it can be, you open yourself up to people deciding that you’re not the author for them because it appears you don’t even care enough about your readers to give them the best, smoothest possible reading experience.

    I’ve had this discussion with friends before and we all agree that there’s a major difference between some of your examples and a self-published book. Not everyone has learned the subtleties and intricacies of film making and music. Not everyone knows how to differentiate between minor and major, or how to wield a brush to achieve that moment of artistic perfection that people will talk about for centuries to come.

    However, we’ve all had years upon years of training in grammar, spelling and English usage. There’s really no excuse.

    1. Good Geek Ranting Post author

      Thanks for the comment. Again, a plan to fix the few issues that are there, yes. Did I catch them before it came out, no. am I doing it right away? No. I get very few hours a week to sit down and be creative and I’ve had other projects i’m working on. I have family members who are writing down the errors as they read and I will fix when I have them compiled.

      If the book were really unreadable due to errors I would pull it but it’s simply not.
      I appreciate all feedback and hope you find yourself reading it as I believe it’s the kind of book you’d like but if you can’t or don’t want to I understand that too.
      I will address any questions honestly so I hope you stay engages with the further boss scheduled to come out today

      1. sj

        I can understand only having so much time to work on projects, I’m in the same boat myself – I’m writing for two blogs, and trying to work on my first book while planning a move, so I totally get that.

        I have no doubt that your book would be something I’d be interested in. My problem is that I’d be trying to avoid taking out my red pen while reading. I can appreciate that your family is willing to help with this, but family members (unless they really know what they’re doing) won’t necessarily be able to catch the tenses that slip and sentence structure. Things people don’t notice when they’re right, but DO notice when they’re wrong, even if it’s something that they can’t put their finger on.

    1. Good Geek Ranting Post author

      Lol I agree. That’s a good example of what I mean by enjoying the fact that no one was able to change my vision.
      If I ever want to go back and add pages and say oh originally this would be set in the future or something crazy, please slap me.


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