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Yep, go here to get my free book. Keep reading my blog for more insights into the meaning and making of my book. It’s like directors commentary, in WORD FORM!

I heard there is talk of God in this book. Is this a Christian Fantasy?

Yes… AND no.

First, I’m a Christian. God and Christ are in my life and all I do, INCLUDING this blog.

Second, YES there is talk of God in this book.

Third, its in a way that anyone can enjoy.

I was agnostic for a long time and one thing that kept me that way longer was having people preach AT me. I didn’t like it and I don’t want to do it through my love of writing. And I have prayed long about it and come to understand what I can do to incorporate God without making a non-christian throw down the book in disgust saying, “Ugh, he’s just preaching at me.”

In this particular book God is talked about through short prayers that the supporting characters do here and there and one serious conversation about why Seth has a problem with this. That’s about it.

So then, there isn’t really much about God here at all? Can you even call that Christian?

Yes for two reasons.

One, lots of Christian art is Christian because of who made it and what’s missing, not because of a lot of talk about Christ. For instance, making it family friendly, not a lot of cussing, etc.

Now, people who are strict about the meaning of “Christian Novels” will say there shouldn’t be any magic or ‘anti-heroes’ such as witches, vampires, zombies, etc.

I was writing a fantasy novel and trying to avoid as many fantasy cliches as possible so this actually has NO magic or anything else like that. AND, I make it a point to not have a SINGLE hero who is the only person that can save the day. If you call that Christian, then it is.

Two, there is a reason Seth has a problem with God and that is, Seth, while named after and inspired by my son, is me. I lost the ‘mother figure’ in my life when I was young and that made me question God. I struggled with the Christians around me and understanding how God could still play a part in my life.

The undertones of this are there and may (or will???) play a part in the next book when I get to writing it. This will come out in the same non-obtrusive yet crucially important way.



7 thoughts on “Get a free book… FOR FREE

    1. Good Geek Ranting Post author

      There are ways to read it on a computer or an android. You can read it with an iphone, you can read it on a bone. You can read it in the cloud, You can read it, YOU’RE ALLOWED!

      But seriously. If you’re very interested send me an email or something and I’ll see if I can get instructions set up for how you get and read it on a computer… or check with that crazy smart daughter of yours.

        1. Good Geek Ranting Post author

          Yes, actually, I believe I do… let me get some posts scheduled for tomorrow (Juggling this free weekend promotion and my ‘real job’ is getting to me) and I’ll shoot you an email.


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