Breaking the fourth wall


Here are some more questions and insights into the book.

The first chapter is SO DIFFERENT from the rest of the book. What’s going on?

Well, it’s not exactly all that different. If you haven’t gotten past chapter 3 or 4 then yeah it probably seems different. But I can say that all throughout the book, at one point or another the Narrator starts talking to you and talking about the writer.

The first chapter is all Narrator for a reason. During the writing process I was editing what I had already and changing small things here and there and, most importantly, doing research on how to be a better writer. One thing I found that first time writers do is put a bunch of unnecessary exposition in the first chapter or two of their story.

Guess what, I’d done that. I had this whole long explanation of the land of Agnos, the King of Noth, the valley of Rahn, and more. I thought it was needed for you to understand what was going on but I found out that’s not true. The best books give you bits here and there when needed but not all at once, DUH. I knew this but didn’t KNOW it because by the time I finish a book I reflect back and know all those things that took me pages, hours, days, however long to figure out.

Now, I had two options, go back and remove chapter 1 and start at chapter 2, which is a wholly confusing way to start a book, or change it up. So, I had become very intrigued by my Narrator and his daughter as characters that I wanted to just start the book with him MOCKING what I was doing.

Then comes chapter 2, this was obviously written long before the NEW chapter 1 so its pace slows down for a minute and retains a very small amount of exposition that I STILL felt necessary (even though I could have lost it too, I understand now). The pace picks back up when Seth meets his adventure companion and especially once there adventure begins. Basically, if you haven’t gotten to Crazy Joe, you haven’t gotten to the heart of the book. And it doesn’t take long to get there because, honestly, this book isn’t that long.


The Narrator bugs me, why is he talking about the writer and talking TO me?

A long time ago, someone thought it’d be funny to have the actors talk to the camera directly to the audience. It’s called breaking the 4th wall and can make for some entertaining moments in movies, TV, and even books. Since it has been done a lot less in books it’s something I REALLY wanted to do and the Narrator was a natural character coming out of that.

Understand this, my book is silly. It touches on serious topics in about as serious a way as this blog does. Don’t take it so seriously, relax and have a laugh. I promise you will have a laugh.



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