It’s been awhile since I wrote about my book but since I have been looking into what my next book will be I’ve been thinking about my first endeavor and everything that made me love it. One of those things, is Chihua-bombs.

What is a Chihua-bomb?
While the city of Ebony tries to avoid war with the King of Noth they also realize it is pretty much inevitable. Because of this they have set up secret training camps. One of which is to create alternative weaponry such as the Chihua-bomb.
The Chihua-bomb is pretty much what it sounds like, it is a small yippie dog strapped with explosives. The dog is placed into a slingshot (Wrist rocket for some of you) and shot towards the enemy.
Once they reach the enemy they are trained to drop the satchel of explosives they have and run back to their shooter.

How accurate are they?
Originally the Chihua-bombs were being trained to run to the enemy but this proved to be a little too obvious and enemies were able to avoid them or shoot them, which animal lovers hated. So they started shooting them through the air.
The amount of distance between the shooter and his target is calculated in Yips. The farther away the target is, the more yips the dog will make while flying through the air to reach them.
It’s a typical rule of thumb to not shoot at someone closer than 15 yips as the explosives are about that strong.

Doesn’t it hurt the dog when they hit the ground?
They thought of that already. Right before the dog would hit the ground a cute little parachute deploys to slow their descent.

Is it really all that effective?
If you were in the middle of a battlefield and suddenly heard 20 or 30 yipping dogs flying through the air towards you, wouldn’t you be a little shocked?

What will the King do to counteract the little yipping incendiary devices?
Well, you’ll have to read to find that out. But it’s definitely a battle to remember and the start of a very interesting war to come.


7 thoughts on “Chihua-bombs

  1. pouringmyartout

    Couldn’t they just shoot the bobs with the sling shots and not use the dogs? It isn’t as funny, but it might just work. And if they are round like grenades, they would roll even farther. Why isn’t our military using grenade sling shots? So much cheaper than grenade launchers.

    1. Good Geek Ranting Post author

      Well, bombs and grenades can’t run TOWARDS enemies before dropping their load, as Chihua-bombs can, and they don’t go yip yip yip, and because its a comedic fantasy novel. I’m not up for making a wartime drama.

        1. Good Geek Ranting Post author

          It is true, and in my original book they appeared in (That was started many many years ago) they did explode. However, as much as this is a comedic fantasy some amount of logic has to come in. They spend so much time and money in training the dogs, it would be horribly non cost efficient to have them just explode when they can just come back and be launched again. Even though, they turn out to be fairly easily defeated anyway, but hey… these things happen.

          1. pouringmyartout

            You know the Russians trained dogs to do this to Nazi tanks… or did we go over that already. Also there are rumors about our Navy training suicide dolphins to take out subs…

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