Seventeen Ways to Know Your Child is Unhappy

17 ways to tell your child is unhappy or angry
Age 1 – crying, though prolly just hungry
Age 2 – crying
Age 3 – yelling – don’t blame the kid, YOU taught them to talk
Age 4 – screaming
Age 5 – yelling screaming and crying
Age 6 – mopey lips
Age 7 – slams bedroom door
Age 8 – slams all doors
Age 9 – Slams dishes around – Don’t blame the kid, YOU asked them to wash the dishes
Age 10 – yelling and screaming
Age 11 – stops talking to you
Age 12 – Stops talking to everyone but their friends
Age 13 – tells you outright
Age 14 – Don’t bother, They are just unhappy, even the smile is fake
Age 15 – thought it would only last a year?
Age 16 – Do you actually still get to see your kid?
Age 17 – Give it up, they won’t like you again until they’ve moved out and realized how hard it is to live on their own and come back for free laundry, food, and car insurance.


5 thoughts on “Seventeen Ways to Know Your Child is Unhappy

      1. pouringmyartout

        I just talked to them like adults about everything from the stars to politics when they were little babies… in between making funny noises and faces. Never be afraid to be silly. Always let them see you reading and do lots of art with them.
        Mostly, before you pass on your genes, find a woman smarter than you.

        1. Good Geek Ranting Post author

          Very Nice… I see we agree on a lot of things. When my son started going to school they would all ask where he heard this word or that and I’d be like, I don’t dumb myself down for him and I explain what the words mean. But then, my son is the best son ever. 😀


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