Star Wars to be written by Buzz Lightyear

If you haven’t heard, Disney bought LucasFilm and immediately wanted to cash in on their investment so they started plans for a Star Wars 7. More news on this is now surfacing and a writer has been named.

Michael Arndt, little known for the indie film ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ and widely recognized as the writer of Toy Story 3, has been named as the writer of the powerhouse that is Star Wars. If you can’t wait to see his work on that he is also named as co-writer of the second movie in the Hunger Games series.

It will be the most tearful Star Wars since at the end of the movie the young padawan leaves to go to Jedi College and gives all his droids to the young girl down the desert lane.

Michael apparently sealed the deal by sending a 40-50 page treatment of the continuing saga. Considering the news came about a week ago that there WOULD be another movie and he already pumped out 50 pages this has to be some quality writing or he bought some drugs from Jaba.

It is also reported that Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford are to be returning for the new movie. Yoda will no longer be the oldest Jedi to have lived in the universe.

J.J. Abrams as taken his name out of the running as director of the film while Jon Favreau has put his name in. At the news of this a mad group of Geeks stormed Disney World, took Mickey hostage and said, “Don’t do it… we’ll cut the mouse.”



5 thoughts on “Star Wars to be written by Buzz Lightyear

  1. Gradient Productions

    Hopefully Arndt manages to balance the epic-ness of such a saga with his staple heartfelt and human writing style. And considering the relatively mature nature of the ‘Iron Man’ movies, and the enjoyable though messy ‘Cowboys & Aliens’, Jon Favreau isn’t the worst choice out there. Frankly it would’ve been interesting to see Quentin Tarantino take a stab at it (though he was a definite No).

    1. g00dg33kranting Post author

      I am actually pretty excited about Arndt who is obviously at the very least going to co-write the movie because I did think Toy Story 3 was the best in the series and honestly, Little Miss Sunshine is one of my all time fav indie films. It’s just a great film.
      And really you make the best argument for Favreau other than him just being a big fan but I just can’t see it.
      As much as I’d love a darker Star Wars it’s got Disney’s name all over it now I just don’t see it happening. I mean, the two dark movies are V and III and now I figure that will be as dark as it will get. So that pretty much leaves Tarantino out even if he were interested.
      If Kevin Smith could get a big budget film under his belt and do it well without getting into tiffs with the actors I would be curious to see his rendition. He’s not even the biggest fan of Star Wars but I know he’d be passionate enough about it not to just throw it away for face or money. But I know that will never happen, the big budget film OR him getting hired by Disney, lol.
      If we are going to go just huge big name director I gotta say Cameron because you may not love what he does but you can’t deny he’s just plain good. If we go lesser name I’d like to see Rian Johnson who made an AMAZING splash with Looper recently.
      If I’m really gonna scream NO to someone directing, Bay gets my nay.


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