The Geeks Hidden Talent

I would like to indulge you and show off my amazing ability to do impersonations of famous people quoting famous lines of other famous people in Movies. I hope you enjoy.

This is my impersonation of William Shatner as Darth Vader.

“Luke. I am your. Father.”

Thank you. Thank you.

And now, my impersonation of Christopher Walken responding as Luke Skywalker.


Please, hold your applause.

Now, my impersonation of Mickey Mouse as Admiral Kirk in Star Trek 2.


And now, George W. Bush as Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind.

“Frankly my dear… I don’t care.”

Thanks, I know, that’s one of my better impersonations.

And a very difficult one, Spongebob as Clint Eastwood.

“Go ahead. Make. My. Day.”

Now I will do Nicholson from A Few Good Men while standing on my head.




Thank you, thank you… please no applause, just throw money.

Now I know you all want to deliver flawless impersonations such as mine and for the low low price of 24.95 plus taxes, shipping, handling, interest, and another 139 dollars I can teach you how to do these same impersonations.


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