ThanksTweeting: Thanks Humor

Let’s lighten it up for a bit. Here are some humorous thanks inspired by Jimmy Fallon’s book ‘Thank You Notes’. Check it out.

Thank you person who takes up two parking spaces at work. You may not be a boss, but at least you let us know how important you are.

Thank you person at work who continues to party on the weekends past when its cool for your age. Your shame makes me smile as I laugh at your inability to act civilized after 5 PM.

Thank you QuikTrip for having more kinds of tea available than most places have sodas. I may only get regular sweet tea, but I like that you continue to leave me the option of mint-berry-fruit-lemon-diet tea.

Thank you Netflix, for recommending the category ‘Dysfunctional Family Movies with a Strong Female Lead’. You got me, my family is messed up and the wife is in charge. I don’t know how you figured it out, but thank you.

Thank you bad karaoke singers. You make mediocre people like me think we could win X-Factor.

Thank you large man wearing shirts that leave the bottom of your belly showing 90% of the time. I may be big too, but I feel better about my wardrobe selection now.

Thank you McDonalds for adding the calories of all your items to the drive-thru menu. Now I can feel shamed AND guilty.

Thank you AGAIN McDonalds for having dollar sodas. $1.09 with 310 calories and I can spend my lunch hour celebrating ThanksTweeting like I am now.


Do you have a humorous ThanksTweet? Please share with us. Also, again, if you haven’t read Thank You Notes check it out. It can be read in about an hour or less and makes a great ‘bathroom’ book.



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