ThanksTweeting: It’s Ok to Thank Takei

Finally getting to do my next post that I had ready when I did the last post, it’s time to continue the grand ole (I am southern after all) tradition of ThanksTweeting. 

Today, I want to thank George Takei.

You know who George Takei is, right? I mean, I realize that the posts have gotten fairly eclectic so it appeals to more than just geeks but… come on… TAKEI!

George Takei was Sulu on the original Star Trek. George Takei was Hiro’s Dad on Heroes. George Takei is a writer. George Takei is a comedian. George Takei is a stage actor. And George Takei is TaGay.

Don’t worry, I’m not being insensitive in fact I know he would enjoy the punny play on words. Plus everyone needs a good sense of humor about this crazy world. You’d know this too if you were following him on Facebook, which you should be if you want to follow some of the funniest MEMEs on the net.

Indeed, it’s his overt openness to his lifestyle that inspires this ThanksTweeting. Not just that, but Mr. Takei embraces one simple rule, Be Kind to and Love Everyone.

So, lets get to know the Geek a little more. I’m very Christian. I also think it’s important to be as kind as possible to everyone. I don’t care who it is, I believe everyone should be able to marry whomever they want to. I believe everyone should get an equal chance at equal pay. Basically, I believe in equal rights.

A long time ago I started a book that was a series of stories about different people all coming together in the end, like Short Cuts. Remember Short Cuts? NO, no one else does either. Anyway, the one news story that kept everyone coming together was that of Mountain Lions that had killed some senators on Mount Deceiving. What made it worse was that Mountain Lions had recently started walking and talking and being accepted into society. Well, reluctantly so anyway.

Segregation via Mountain Lion was one of the things that just had to find its way into my book, and it did. YAY!

Thanks to influences in my life such as Mr Takei I was that much more inspired to touch on issues of racism, segregation, and more. Like most things I do, I don’t force it down the readers throat but instead cut it, trim it, and lace it with heaps of humor.

If you aren’t already following Mr. Takei, do. No really, no matter what your view on life or lifestyles or anything Mr. Takei is simply VERY VERY funny, loving, caring, and wonderful.

And don’t forget to thank some people for ThanksTweeting. They’ll thank you for it.

I’d also like to think how much I’ve grown in writing to not slip a catch phrase into this post… OH MYYYYYYY!



3 thoughts on “ThanksTweeting: It’s Ok to Thank Takei

  1. kyred

    Haha…I don’t even have to follow him on facebook because half of everyone I know does and they just re-share all of his stuff anyway. Funny that a few years ago only the geeks knew who he was and now, everyone is a fan.


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