ThanksTweeting: Thanks Pawn Nerds

For my first couple of ThanksTweeting Thanks I figured I’d start a little lighter and go with some of the influences of my book.

I have an unhealthy obsession with Pawn Stars. For the last couple of days I have been trying to figure out why. I mean, people bring in crap, haggle with the pawn shop, then complain when they are told its fake even though a computer signed by Abraham Lincoln seems pretty obviously genuine to me.

But really, whats up with that? There’s no script, even for reality show standards, and its just trading. If you must know, I like Pickers as well. I know most of it is to do with the items that come in and out and learning about different things (the geek in me) but then other shows have not held my interest nearly as long. Like Storage Wars and Hardcore Pawn.

Last night I was reminded of the holy geek grail of Pawn Stars type shows. I had seen an episode before but had not had the ability to see anymore. Luckily Netflix has added it for me. I speak of course of Pawn Nerds, err, I mean Comic Book Men.

Comic Book Men is pawn stars set in Kevin Smith’s “Jay and Silent Bobs Secret Stash” in Jersey. He does not actually run it, that’s left to long time friend Walt, but in between items coming into the shop you are treated to the shops keepers and Smith recording one of Smith’s great Podcasts.

It’s really the best of both worlds, Smith’s humor in Podcast form and always geeky items coming into a shop.

It of course made me think of my book. My book would not be my book if it weren’t for Kevin Smith.

Clerks changed the way I, and a lot of other people, looked at creating, writing, dialogue, and avoiding mainstream pitfalls. It was an amazing look into a black and white world of wonder. With fast talking, smart dialogue, and quotable lines. I mean, come on, it’s way more impressive to slip the line “You have to do what you love, that’s why I manually masturbate caged animals for artificial insemination  naturally into a conversation than anything from Braveheart.

Clerks taught us it was cool (really?) to debate Star Wars at every level, even though the debate about independent contractors dying on the second Death Star is moot since the Empire would have been using Wookie Slave Labor.

It showed us that there were other people out there like us, in a world before Facebook and wide spread blogs we found others like us just by naming the movie or quoting a line.

More than that, it said, “I’m gonna make what I want with my own money so that no one can change it.” I mean, can you imagine Clerks from a big budget studio? No, you can’t, and the earth will implode if you do.

Watching Smith last night reminded me why I am thrilled to have self published my book as my own. Are there going to be flaws, maybe a few minor spelling mistakes until I find them all? Sure, why not. But it’s MINE. It wasn’t watered down, edited, rewritten, edited some more, changed, moved, and utterly butchered before being made available. Like it or hate it, it’s all me. Whether 10 people or 1000 people read it, it doesn’t matter. It’s what *I* wanted all along and just as I imagined it.

Can you see this influence from Smith in the book directly? Sure, look at Jewel and her fast talking rants. Look at the tongue in cheek word play and smart dialogue about stupid subjects.

So, Thank you Kevin Smith and other Indie movie, music, and Game makers who have inspired me to be me.


One thought on “ThanksTweeting: Thanks Pawn Nerds

  1. pouringmyartout

    I learn new stuff about you all the time.
    Now you see that guy who has his little picture right there beside my little picture to say we like this post? I read a bunch of posts on the humor wall today and I saw his picture on all of them. No comments, just likes. I think he is a wall crawler/serial-liker. We must show them no respect.


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