The Geek Celebrates ThanksTweeting

I LOVE Christmas.

Don’t get me wrong, I hate the commercialism but I love all the good feelings, music, morals, and high spirits among most of the people I know.

I also love that it lasts most of the month of December. Its not just a one day thing, its month long and, for some people who don’t take their lights down, year round.

Unfortunately, one of my other favorite holidays is just one day. NO, not Halloween, though really, a week of free candy would be awesome, I’m talking about Thanksgiving.

Granted, the turkey keeps on giving and the pie seems never ending, but the general idea of actually giving thanks, if done at all, is passed over in most homes in one or two sentences per person.

In today’s world we seemingly don’t do anything nice without wanting someone to say thanks or praise us for going out of our way to do something for them. This is something I’m always working on but even more sad than this is that the opposite isn’t always as easy. Just saying, “Thanks” for various things. Indeed, we often thank complete strangers before those closest to us. You might be overly gracious to the person who let you cut in line at the grocery store yet get mad at your wife who cooked you dinner but didn’t do it to your exact liking. We may wave at the person who let us in in traffic but be too tired to acknowledge the child who is only being ‘annoying’ because they want our attention.

It is in light of all of this that I am proposing that, for the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, at least once a week if not more, you take the time to tweet or post on Facebook a thanks to someone or for something that you might otherwise not do. I am calling this #ThanksTweeting and believe its a small sacrifice for a better life.

The task is simple, say thanks! Say it more than once. Add the #ThanksTweeting and share the idea. I would love to get enough to do a post of a set of Thanks that were tweeted for this around Thanksgiving time but either way, I’d just love to see some more people saying thanks… so… THANKS FOR READING. Thanks for considering. Thanks for thinking of thanking if you are thanking, I think. You’re wonderful people and I thank you for your support.


21 thoughts on “The Geek Celebrates ThanksTweeting

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          1. g00dg33kranting Post author

            No no no. I only endorse execution by Nerf golf club to the head. It takes longer but gives me a good work out and the one being executed more time to reflect over their mistakes.

          2. g00dg33kranting Post author

            Are you kidding? Oh yeah we had Nerf everything. I, though honestly, wad more into super soakers. I had one that had a back pack of water reserves. And I know I needed in my underwear a few times but that was due to being a boy not being a boy playing strip anything lol

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