The Geek Eats Chicken Little

It’s true. In fact, I ate 4 Chicken Littles.

Of course I’m talking about KFC’s new Chicken Littles, what else could it possibly be?


Here is a picture if you haven’t seen them yet. Basically it’s Chicken Tender on a tiny bun with some mayo and a couple of pickles. And just for you, this is my breakdown of the experience.

Want a free chicken sandwich? Click here. You may not get a free chicken sandwich but are guaranteed something awesome.

Chicken: It’s a decent size chicken tender. The biggest problem for me is it’s one of the crispy pieces. I am old school and love original style KFC. I want more of it, even in tiny sandwich form.

Mayo: This is KFC. At best its a KFC/Taco Bell. I don’t know if you’ve ever asked for mayo from a KFC but it’s a pretty iffy. If you’re smart, you’ll read through to the end for the bonus.

Pickles: I’m not actually a pickles person so I didn’t have them on today’s meal. But I have had this establishments pickles before. Again, it’s KFC/Taco Bell, if you’re there for pickles I feel for you. If not, imagine McDonalds pickles, but lesser quality.

Bun: UGH! I am still irritated about this part. Imagine a hot dog bun. And if you buy one you won’t have to imagine because ITS A HOT DOG BUN. Come on, KFC. Your chicken is too good for a cheap hot dog bun. No, it wasn’t a fancy hot dog bun. It was the great value small bun 2 day past still sell-able variety. Really, it was a great idea up to this point.

No really, a tiny, affordable KFC chicken sandwich. KFC Bun Fail.

But there were some highlights, the biggest of which was as the bag was getting handed to me. The KFC/Taco Bell employee asked if I’d like any dipping sauce. “I mean, it has mayo on it, but we have other sauces for dipping,” were his exact words.

“What kind of sauces do you have?” I asked knowing most of the answers without ever hearing them. Indeed the first few were quite obvious.

“Bar-B-Q. Honey Mustard. Ranch. Bacon Ranch.”

I’m sorry, wait, what? Did you say bacon…did you say ranch? DID YOU SAY BACON RANCH?!? How is this not already the sauce for the sandwich. Please, in the future when asking if I’d like sauce list them in the following order.

Bacon Ranch
Then keep pausing until I take the bacon ranch because that is awesome and better than all other sauces. Let’s face it, Bacon Ranch is Awesomesauce.

All in all, it wasn’t terrible, but with the cheap hot dog bun it should be 99 cents instead of 1.29 but whatever. I may try you again, from a different KFC. Maybe a KFC that doesn’t share it’s kitchen with the much more popular and more affordable Taco Bell.

Which by the way, the KFC/Taco Bell combo have different closing hours. The KFC closes at 10:30 while the Taco Bell closes at 12 AM. I just imagine 10:30 rolling around and a bunch of chickens being pardoned while the Cows are being held back. Some cows are dressing up as chickens to try and sneak out early.

Which brings me to the title of this post. The only thing worse than the name of this blog is the fact that KFC ACTUALLY called them chicken littles. Hey kiddo, what would you like to eat? How about some chicken little? What’s next, avacado dip named Shrek? Glue called Seabiscuit? EggRolls called Garfield? As long as we are traumatizing our children, anything goes.



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