No, I didn’t misspell it. Today I am suffering from a bad case of Instanity.

At work today, sitting in a training class, my eyes continually fell upon a bottle of Instant Hand Sanitizer.

That’s it. Instant Hand Sanitizer.

Then a little later, Instant Hand Sanaitizer.

Then a little later after that, Instant Hand Sanatizer.

A little later on, (it was a long training class), the Hand Sanitizer was still instant.

Why is it instant?

I mean, I get it, hand sanitizer is instant. But why is it on the package? Is there non instant hand sanitizer? Is there a time release hand sanitizer?

“This hand sanitizer will kill 99.9% of all germs… in about 1 hour.”

Maybe there is hand sanitizer (DANG IT GOOGLE SANITIZER IS A WORD!) that requires some work from its user first.

“PURELL Hand Sanitizer, Some assembly required.”

And then the worst thought, hand sanitizer that doesn’t start working until it’s on your hands. I don’t want anything on my hands that needs a chemical reaction to work effectively. What can I do? OH THANK GOODNESS! Instant hand sanitizer is available.


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