The Geek Registers

As a smart guy, I know a lot of things that I don’t necessarily understand or, at times, that just don’t really click until it becomes personal.

Such was the case upon getting engaged and starting to do real wedding planning. This will be the first time I have been in a relationship where we did the whole, full wedding plan thing far out in advance.

Some things are turning out pretty well. We have an original cake idea that is geeky and sweet. (My best asset in a relationship, sweet geekness.) We are picking music that we both like and represents our love of God and all things geek. We will have Lego centerpieces that show off our love for all things geek. (Have I mentioned we like geek things?)

More over though, we have started a registry.

Ok, honesty time, SHE started a registry. I’m just enjoying adding things to it as my thought process was…

“Wait, we can get free stuff just for getting married? I can add whatever I want to the list?”

Yes, I have known about wedding registries before now but the full potential of such an awesome idea had yet to really sink in. Soon I was adding all the kitchen cooking gadgets I want, including a Toaster that boasts the emblem AND burns the image of a Dallas Cowboys Star into the toast. Fan tested, Fiancee Approved, Registry Added.

All this made me think, we, as guys, are missing out on the bulk of this registry kick. Women have wedding showers, bridal showers, baby showers, and more. So here, for the guys, are some more registry ideas.

Man Caves – true, there is already a House Warming, but it focuses mostly on the kitchen and bathroom items. This one is just for the guys. Got room for a pool table now? You are gonna need all the extras to go along with it.

Man Cave Gift Ideas – Pool Cue’s, Beer Signs, Bar Stools, and for the poor friends, Chalk and a 6 pack.

Dream Car – Got your dream car? You know we need to celebrate. Invite as many friends as can stand in your driveway to drool over it, just no touching.

Dream Car Gift Ideas – Shift Knob, Gift Coupons for touch-less car washes, custom steering wheels, and for the poor friends, Rain-X and a 6 pack.

New Video Game System – YES, you finally got the PlayBox 4000. Slightly better than the Playbox 3000 and only 500 dollars more. LETS CELEBRATE!

New Vid Game System Gift Ideas – Games (duh), controllers, rechargeable battery sets, and for the poor friends, used video game and a 6 pack.

Mini Fridge – Every great man cave, living room, bedroom, even bathroom needs a good mini fridge. But we don’t all have one yet. So lets celebrate it when we finally get one.

Mini Fridge Gift Ideas – Beer, Beer, Beer, and for the poor friends, … well. You know.

Superbowl – Not just any Superbowl. It has to be YOUR team in the superbowl, and you are pretty much the only fan of that team among your friends, and they are always picking on you because your team is never in the Bowl. Alright, they owe you some gifts.

Superbowl gift ideas – we need a TV and sound system, rich friends time to step up we gotta make this memorable. Don’t forget the chips, dip, and oh yeah… maybe a 6 pack.


So come on guys, we can be just as giving as the ladies. Don’t forget, just because its his turn this time, your mini fridge party is just around the corner. Better go register.



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