The Geek Goes McCrazy

I don’t expect much in the way of exceptional customer service when I head to a McDonalds. At BEST, I figure I will order, pay, and receive my maybe hot meal in an amount of time and with an air of disinterest that screams, “McDonalds, you’re one of thousands we are serving today… Please move along.”

Don’t get me wrong, their dollar sodas and quick service are what get me coming back morning after morning because I know I have time with the 5 minutes I have left to get to work. I can lower my standards in these moments easily.

But sometimes, the service is SO bad you realize just how good quick and disinterested can be. It was just such a bad service that made me want to scream at a few employees of the arches recently.

My fiancee lives about an hour away. As such we do not see each other everyday and when we do its only for a few precious hours at a time. So recently, after my lovely lady spent all day at work and then I met her to go to church, I was inclined to buy her something to eat before I headed home. She had a headache and hadn’t eaten hardly anything so I knew the cure.

We started to head for Taco Bell, but with a line of over 7 cars I knew that wait would be awhile. We headed for the newly rebuilt McD’s down the road. When I say newly rebuilt, they just reopened it within days of our stopping by.

Looking over the menu I asked my much better half what she would like and she pointed to the 20 piece McNugget meal. Now the first part is our fault and we totally admit to it. We looked at it as a ton of nuggets and a drink and fries for one. So I asked for two. Oh yeah, we’d like some Honey Mustard and Ranch sauce as well.

After about a minute of listening to the lady fuss with her machine she asked if everything was correct. Looking upon the screen there was an order for 1 20 piece McNugget, 1 medium fry, and 2 drinks. At this point I calmly explained the missing items being another fry and nugget order. She then started all over and I heard her asking “They want the 20 piece deal they have out there.” Apparently, the 20 piece deal was not shared with the staff of the opening restaurant  just the sign outside which did not have the ability to take my order despite the voice coming out of it.

Again, some fussing with her system and some more punching… “Is it right on your screen?” By this point we realized our mistake and were going to have her just give us the 20 piece meal with a side of extra nuggets (Come on, those things are small) but here is what I read this time.

1 20 piece meal
1 Med Fry
1 20 Piece Meal
1 Med Dr Pepper

No, now you are missing a fry and a Dr Pepper and we just want one meal and add on a 10 piece nugget. Also we need some Honey Mustard and Ranch sauce.

We are starting over again. The screen clears. More fussing. This time accompanied by the statement, “And you want sweet and sour sauce?” Quickly corrected this and then finally the screen read…

2 Med Fries
1 20 Piece Meal
2 Med Dr Peppers
2 Med Fries
Honey Mustard

“Much closer… Now you are charging me for 2 fries we didn’t order, though.”
“2 extra fries? It comes with 2 fries, that’s all we want… and add on a 10 piece McNugget.”
“Oh, I see the fries now. I’m taking them off. Sorry, these are new systems.”

That gives me a lot of confidence in McDonalds ability to put out easy to use POS systems as well as train their staff. Can someone help my lady here?

Alright, so after about 6 or more minutes just getting the order correct, we finally moved up to the window. YAY! Easy part, just hand us our food take our money and we are GONE! Right? Anyone?

So, another 4 minutes just sitting there. I know it can take some time to cook chicken, but no one came and took money, or said hey, it’s gonna be a minute. In fact, all we could see was our order taker struggling to understand the concepts of a touch screen for the people behind us and 3 people changing out their fresh tea.

FINALLY, food comes out and they take our money, no apologies (wasn’t expecting it) and no cordial greetings. We DO get the words, “We’re just waiting on your drinks.”


This sounds like a bad joke the Geek decided to throw in at the end. OH I WISH! It was another 2-3 minutes before they brought our two medium drinks with easy ice to the window. We had the food, we were just waiting on them to cook our drinks.

It was a wonderful experience, because it gave me this blog post. So thank you, McDonalds. You call it quick service, but we know its all still just fast food.


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